6 Reasons Why Therapists Should Rent a Therapy Room Instead of Working from Home

For many individuals, it is tough to separate their home life from their professional lives. As a therapist, taking the initiative to rent out a therapy room instead of working from home comes with plenty of perks.

Choosing to rent out a room and turning it into an office will also prevent mixing your personal and professional life as a therapist. This is because you get to deal with many individuals facing different psychological problems and home might not be the place you will want to interact with them. Below are some of the reasons why you should rent a room instead of working from home.

1. Professionalism


Renting a room and using it as your office will always give your clients a professional outlook of you. They tend to take you seriously as compared to when you decide to work from home. To your clients, you also appear to be qualified and aware of what you are doing.

In most cases, clients will shy away from having sessions at home with their therapists as this tends to be a personal space that often, distractions are bound to occur during work. Clients may find it intimidating, too, because they may not have trusted you well enough to be comfortable in your home.

The atmosphere at home too, does it favour the type of work you are doing? The aura that the home office creates should be professional and conducive for all your therapy sessions.

2. Cost Effective

Most of the therapy rooms are often built and furnished to accommodate therapy sessions. You will save plenty of money that you would have used to purchase furniture and all other requirements to make that room in your home appear like an office.

Renting a therapy room is also cost-effective in such a way that you can sublease the room to other people and in this manner, you can cost-share the rent. You also get a receptionist when you choose a therapy rental, which is advantageous compared to when working from home.

Of course, you have your preferences. Therefore choosing a therapy rental will give the freedom of having options. You will choose an office that blends well all the requirements you may have.

A waiting area is a very significant space for your clients. It is not something that a home office is likely to offer. You can find what you need when looking for therapy rentals at Occupyd since you will get various therapy room options.

3. Security


Home is your personal space. Working from home will take away that feeling of privacy from you and your family members. Most of the time, you do not know your clients personally; therefore, inviting different kinds of strangers to your haven may not be a wise decision.

Individuals who are psychologically disturbed can be very unpredictable. Often they are seen as potential danger. Working from home with such clients may expose you and your family to impending danger.

Renting a therapy room is the safest way to avoid such dangers because offices are mostly in public places, and high chances are you will not be the only occupant of that building, thus making it safer.

4. Improves Personal and Professional Networking

Working from home can be lonely and boring at times. You may want to interact with other therapists physically, exchange ideas and share different experiences. Working from home may deny you that as a therapist. Through interactions with other therapists, you learn a lot and expand both your personal and professional network.

Since every individual has different approaches to situations in life, you get to challenge your thoughts and opinions when you interact with other therapists. You can also be able to refer your clients to other therapists. Lastly, you get to create new friends as well.

5. Privacy


One of the qualities of a good therapy room is that it should be soundproof. This feature gives the client the confidence to air out their issues without fear that someone may be eavesdropping. Installing soundproof materials in your home office may be a little bit expensive for you.

Therefore, there are possibilities that your sessions may not be completely private from your family members. You may also not be able to design the room to the required standards; clients are likely to be uncomfortable in such an environment.

6. Discipline

When in an office away from home, you will be able to book in your clients at a time that is convenient for you. Whenever you are not around the office, it is convincing to clients of your absence, unlike when working from home.

Clients may appear unannounced, thus invading your time. The clients already know you are home and in case you are not around, they may be stubborn to wait for you, which may cause inconveniences at your home.

The reasons for renting a therapy room highly outweigh those of working at home. Get out of your comfort zone and choose a room that you will love to turn into your new office.

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