7 Essential Things to Have During Car Trip in Europe

Essentials for Car trip in Europe

When going on holiday, the drive is an important thing. Sometimes it determines the progress of the holiday. Indeed, if it goes well, there will be no particular impact on your stay. Conversely, if your trip is fraught with difficulties, it can jeopardize the smooth running of your vacation. Here below we have a list of 7 necessary things that you must owe in your travel bagpack in your car while traveling in Europe. These things I’m sure will be very useful for you. Here the thing that you need to remember always is to make it sure to check the buyers trend of the market before buying anything online for your travel trip.

  1. The panoply of the triangle and vest to avoid the plum!

It’s simply the law, it’s an obligation for some time in France. You must have in the cockpit the panoply of the triangle and the vest. If you get controlled by the police, the agents will be able to verbalize you if the panoply is missing.

Also, the vest and the triangle can be useful in case of hanging. Failing to be “Fashion”, the vest is very bright. You will be visible to other motorists and therefore safer during the difficult moments (filling the report, waiting for the tow truck on the side of the road …).

  1. A breathalyser to avoid the fine!

This one has no use for your trip. Nevertheless, it is mandatory to have a breathalyzer in the vehicle since 2012 (in France). So to avoid being verbalized, go through the box “purchase of a breathalyzer”. Supermarkets offer all the prices.

  1. Your ID, driving license and insurance … to be in good standing!

Before leaving, check that you have:

  • Your identity documents and / or passport updated.
  • Your driver’s license.
  • The shield of the current technical control stuck on the windshield.
  • The green badge of your car insurance.

Check that the green badge of your car insurance is up to date. Often, the “green paper” is sent to the world before the anniversary. Personally, I sometimes do not change it in time. He trailed in my wallet a few days, weeks.

  1. Tools to change a wheel to avoid trouble shooting!

I have nothing against payroll companies, very useful. But using the services of a troubleshooter for a flat can greatly increase your budget.

So, think about taking your tools:

  • A cross to unscrew the bolts.
  • A jack to raise the car.
  • A spare wheel!
  • A cloth to clean your hands.
  1. A dynamo flashlight for more comfort!

I did not put in the tools to change a wheel because you can change a wheel without light. But if you have a change at night on a country road, this lamp will be your best ally! Do not forget it!

Why has dynamo flashlight?

Simply because it will never fail and you will not need to check the batteries for example,  I find the dynamo flashlight convenient. I have one in my car.

  1. A blanket for the long winter nights!

There is little chance that you use it during a holiday trip. Nevertheless, if you need it, you will be happy to have it.

Why a blanket?

Some time ago, during a harsh winter in Ile de France, a colleague from Celine and many other Ile-de-France residents spent the night in their car. Many motorists have to wait for a cool temperature! In these extreme cases, if you have a warm blanket in your car, the time will seem shorter. Think about it!

  1. Food and water to be prepared for any eventuality!

During the summer of 2012, there was a hot Sunday on Europe. It was so much that we came back from Slovenia by car. We decided to go through Austria, then Germany.

The drive was quite difficult during our stay in Slovenia, the air conditioning of the car had let us go! So we made the 1,300 km journey, between Slovenia and Paris, the windows open! In short, it was already sport …

Arrived in Munich, there was an accident at a heat exchanger, we found ourselves TOTALLY at a standstill for almost two hours in the middle of a heat wave! And guess what? We did not have a drop of water or any food! I saw the other motorists get their sandwich, their drink and we, we were dying of thirst!

The shutdown lasted so long that some took the camping table and played cards, others played football. We were in another dimension! So think about taking a bottle of water and cereal bars for example!

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