8 Tips for Designing A Wellness Room in Your Home

The term wellness room was popularized by companies to boost the mental health of their employees. By having a separate place where the employees can relax, and gain more elan to continue working after the break. Without it, the work can become monotone, which surely drops productivity levels.

Because of the pandemic, most businesses have been moved to remote work, so, designing a wellness room in your home can be beneficial. It is important to have the working place and the area that is meant for relaxing separated. That way, you will adapt better and become more productive, while keeping yourself well-rested and satisfied after work.

To create an area that is great for relaxation, there are a couple of things you will need to know before you begin with the building process. For that reason, we have made this article where we included some tips for designing a great wellness room in your home.

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Keep everything simple

Having a place that is cluttered with various unneeded items is proven to ruin the relaxation moment. Your attention will be attracted by something, and you will not be able to rest properly. For that reason, many people have made their wellness rooms a minimalistic look.

This means that you only bring essential items, and throw away everything that is not a necessity. However, this needs to be well regulated, since empty rooms can have a negative impact on your mental health. For that reason, it is best to organize your place neatly, and have everything you need, without making the place look like a mess.

Appropriate color selection

The most important thing in a room is the color selection. This is the most personal thing since everyone has different choices and colors they enjoy.

For example, bright colors like red and orange will make you feel more energized than relaxed. On the contrary, if you want a calming place, you should get appropriate colors like grey, blue, white, beige, or some pastel options.

It is important to understand that you should not stick with the same palette as your other rooms. This is a space that is meant solely for relaxation, and it should look different than the other sections of your home.

Improve the lightning

Another thing that has a great impact on how we feel is lightning. For that reason, we need to combine both natural lightning as well as artificial options. The easiest thing to get the right amount of natural light is by getting large windows. In case you live in a house, a skylight is an interesting option that is great both for the day and night.

When it comes to artificial lighting, you should go for the warmer yellow tones. Make sure you combine multiple sources of light to make the room cozier. For that reason, besides the main lighting fixture, you can add accent lamps and led strips which will surely make the place look better.

One thing that is usually present in the wellness rooms is lamps made with salt. They look great since the crystal disperses the light nicely, which makes them a great accent piece for your room.

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Incorporate natural materials and elements

We all lack a touch with nature, so incorporating natural materials and elements will surely improve our mood. You can begin by getting a wooden floor, which makes the room warmer and it looks great with the yellow lightning.

In addition, plants are a great option to improve the looks of your wellness space. You can get a couple of large indoor pieces for the corners, and some smaller ones as an accent. Depending on your interests, you can create a whole green corner where all the plants will be placed. Not only that they improve the aesthetics, but they also make the air better, which is always beneficial for a wellness room.

Make the place comfortable

Comfortability is another key factor when it comes to wellness rooms. Depending on your personality, there are various options to make yourself comfortable. Some people enjoy sitting on the floors, so getting floor cushions or lazy bags can be enough.

If you have considered getting a couch, make sure that you get a curvier one since the square pieces are not suitable for this purpose. Besides the looks, it needs to be soft and cozy so you can easily chill on them. In addition, you can improve the comfortability with various pillows that are always welcome.

In case you want to bring the comfortability up a notch, you can invest in wellness loungers or a special zero gravity chair. Although they can be expensive, the relaxation periods will be indescribably pleasant.

Improve the sound

To come up with a great wellness room, you need to influence all the senses. For that reason, you will need to design a space that’s quiet and calm. Fortunately, there are companies out there that can sound isolate the room with insulation. Learn more about decoupling and the type of insulation used for isolation.

In addition, you should install a system and great-sounding speakers, so you can enjoy your favorite tunes in great quality.

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Get candles and scents

By satisfying our olfactory sensations, we are contributing to a calmer and relaxed atmosphere in the wellness room. For that reason, you should consider getting essential oil dispensers, and oils that are meant for creating a tranquil and peaceful sensation. There are special mixes of oils or lavender scents that should be a great asset to your new room.

In addition, candles are also a great thing, since their scents are great as well, but the burning is calming as well. You don’t need to overdo your room with candles, but having a couple of them can be essential to improve the times where you need rest the most.

Make the room functional

Since many of us don’t have enough space in our homes for a separate place for wellness, we may need to make the space more functional. For that reason, you can use the wellness room for storing your clothes by adding drawers without handles. That makes them hidden, which avoids the cluttering that we have mentioned above.

In addition, you can separate a portion of this room for other activities that you enjoy such as yoga or meditation. This can lead to more functional space, which will improve the feeling of both activities.

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