6 Easy Ideas on How to Freshen up Your Old Room

Are you tired of your old, dreary room? It doesn’t have to be this way! This article will give you a few easy tips on how to freshen up your old room and make it feel new again. With just a little bit of effort, you can completely transform the look and feel of your space without spending a lot of money. So what are you waiting for? Read on for inspiration!

1. Peel and stick wallpaper statement wall – let your inner designer out

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A very impactful and easy way to make a significant change in the room is to add a statement wall. A statement wall can either be painted or wallpapered. For a simple makeover, we suggest going with peel and stick wallpaper. It is easy to apply and it doesn’t leave any residue on the wall after removal, so you can change it up as often as you like and even use it in a rental space. And the best part, there are a lot of fun designs to choose from for almost any taste.

However, if you cannot find a wallpaper that piques your interest, you can always custom make one. There are print on demand shops that offer printing not only custom t-shirts and other clothing garments, but also wallpaper! Regular and peel and stick. So you can make the statement wall anything you like – from your child’s drawings to your own design.

Talking about prints and styles – at the moment floral and faunal prints are really on-trend, and geometrical shapes and tropical inspiration are also some of the top choices. If you are not really into prints, the statement wall can always be just in one color – you can paint it or use wallpaper. However, a print will bring in more interest and the room will look even more put together and different than before.

2. Floor decorations – rug and peel and stick floor tiles

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Another great way how to spruce up a space is by changing the floor arrangements. A new rug is a good choice – it is easy to add, just roll it out. It doesn’t have to be a huge carpet, it can be a small statement piece that brings in color and texture.

A new thing that is now available is peel and stick floor tiles. It is kind of like peel and stick wallpaper, it just goes on the floor. It is also easy to install and remove. The prints are usually different kinds of tiles, or you can have a brick or wood print. Choose one that suits your room the best!

3. Change up the wall decor – new prints, posters, canvas, or artwork

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If you are satisfied with the wall color or floor arrangements, or you want to start with something smaller, consider wall decor changes. What is hung up on the walls right now? If you are renting, maybe it is even nothing? But no worries, if you think wall decor is just for homeowners, it is not true! There are solutions on how you can add decors to the walls without drilling holes. For example, try adhesive hooks and strips. There is also mounting putty that can hold in place light items.

To change the feel of the room you can change up the artwork. Or create a gallery wall. Or decorate the walls with different pieces, for example, a mirror in a decorative frame or a clock with an elegant design. You can also hang hats as decorations and other objects, it doesn’t always have to be something framed.

However, if you are looking for solutions that are framed – custom printed canvas or posters are a good choice. (Check Printseekers.com to learn more about how you can create your own custom printed products.) That way you can choose whatever design or print you want – either original work or a replica. It can be a photo on canvas or a graphic design, or even just inspirational words. With custom printing the options are endless!

4. Rearrange furniture – give your room a new look in just one evening

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A fun and easy way how to freshen up a room is to rearrange the furniture. It is an inexpensive method how to make a room feel fresh in just one evening. It is good for the brain since it will be forced to create new neural pathways to find items that have changed their place.

By rearranging furniture you can also find new options for how the room can function. Maybe the previous layout wasn’t the most optimal, and sometimes you can find that out only by changing things up. At first, it will feel weird, but after a while, you will get used to it and you might even start regularly looking for new ways how you can rearrange items.

5. Replace hardware – new nobs, new life

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Replacing hardware is sometimes an overlooked option how to make a room feel fresh. It is small, yes, but sometimes the small things have the biggest impact. Also, it is extremely easy to screw off the old nobs to add new ones. Even if you are renting and have rented furniture, for example, in the kitchen, you can definitely do this! Just keep the old nobs and screw them back on when you are moving out.

You can find hardware in hardware stores if you are looking for a coherent and modern look. If your style is something more eclectic, second-hand shops are the way to go. You can find there different and fun nobs that will make a space look fun and interesting. You can even become a nob collector and change them as the mood or seasons change.

6. Organize your space – add baskets, boxes, and containers

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Even if you don’t add any wallpaper or peel and stick floor tiles, if you leave the old wall decor and don’t rearrange the furniture, organizing the room will bring it a fresh look like nothing else. Yes, it will have the same decors and colors, but everything will feel so neat and crisp, that it will feel like a new room.

To help you organize things, you can add different containers. They can be in different sizes – small acrylic containers for miscellaneous desk stuff and big baskets or boxes for bigger things like blankets or even the vacuum cleaner. Baskets are a great way how to add decor and get some function out of it. Boxes are great for that purpose as well.


It is easy to freshen up an old room – you just need to think outside the box and be willing to experiment. Don’t be afraid of bigger changes, for example, adding a statement wall (especially if it is a peel and stick wallpaper that is easy to remove if you don’t like it). But you can always start small by organizing the space or rearranging the furniture, and grow from there. Good luck!

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