8 Things You Should Do Every Time You Rent A Car

If you are renting a car, your priorities will include, getting the right car, using it safely, and returning it intact. Even if you have rented cars before (or if you haven’t), here are eight things you should do religiously to ensure you get the best out of your car-renting experience.

Book In Advance

This is an essential point you mustn’t skip over or forget. Try your best to make your demand in advance for a vehicle. Don’t book your vehicle on the day you would be needing it. You will be able to get the exact car you want. Also, avoid booking a vehicle at the airport. This is because airport rentals are usually more expensive.

You would end up paying for the car in gold. If you can, avoid the airport axis completely. The farther you are from the airport axis, the cheaper your rent would likely be.

Compare shops


Before you conclude on what car rental company to use, you should compare different rental companies. This will give you the opportunity to find a rental house that suits your budget and to take advantage of any great deal that you find.

Sometimes, just asking around should save you some good cash. You may be able to find the kind of automobile you need and also get a greater price. The terms and conditions of some rental shops may be less stringent than others. Comparing all of these would help you make better choices.

Ensure You Have The Necessary Paperwork

Before you go to a car rental, ensure that you take all the necessary paperwork along with you. It would be quite a pity when you get sent back because you do not have your credentials.

The paperwork you should take along includes your driver’s license and a valid credit card. This is a normal procedure as the card serves as a precautionary measure in case any incidents happen while using automobile. These could include accidents, parking tickets, traffic violations, missing fuel, etc. Do note that debit cards are not allowed.

An upfront cash payment can be made in cases where there is no credit card.

Know the Vehicle Specifics


Even if you are using the same rental company and hiring the same car type, there is a possibility you might be getting a different car. It is advisable that you take your time to note the specifics of the car.

Check the interior and not where the different buttons are. Check whether it’s an automatic or manual car. Ensure you know what kind of fuel the car uses.

Also, ensure that you adjust the seats, the steering, and the mirrors to suit you. It is easier to drive when the car is suited to your taste.

Inspect The Car Thoroughly

Before you drive off, make sure you thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of the car for any faults or dents. Sometimes, the former user must have bashed the car and the rental company may have been oblivious to the fact.

This is why you need to thoroughly inspect for any anomalies so you don’t pay for other people’s mistakes. So take a thorough look before you move.

Be Careful As You Use The Car


Be very careful from the moment you drive off. Do not drive in a nonchalant way as this could lead to an accident. Drinking while driving is a crime and it could cause serious issues for you. You really do not want to be caught drinking and driving in a rental car.

Also, ensure you stay on the road. A rental car is not a car to use for a safari trip. If your journey is going to be very rough, then you should consider not getting a rental car at all.

Also, you must watch to observe all the road signs and symbols. Watch where you pack your car at the appropriate places to avoid having trouble with the police. If you see a space with yellow lines, it’s a sign to not park there. White lines are for two-wheeled cars and cars can park freely where there are no lines.

Ensure that you keep the keys safe. Now, this will make more sense when you consider the fact that car keys are not what they used to be. Car keys now contain electronic parts that you can’t copy in a local hardware store. This is why you should keep your keys extremely safe as losing them is going to incur extra costs on your side.

Ensure You have Up To Date Rental Insurance

There is nothing more important than being careful. One of the ways you can be careful is to ensure that you have your rental insurance up to date. When you consider the fact that anything could happen even if you have been very careful, it’s best that you have rental insurance to cover any cost that might arise from having issues with the car.

Most rental issues aren’t usually about accidents. Most times, it’s scratches, broken tires, and mirrors. Imagine coming back to your parked car in the morning to find a tire deflated or a mirror gone. This is why you should get insurance and if possible, get no excess full damage waiver insurance.

Get Back on Time


If you rent a car, prepare yourself to return it on time. This is important as the car you rented needs to be placed for rental. In er, when tourists swarm the country, it’s normal for rental companies to be more stringent with time. This means that you must return the car in time to avoid any extra charges or payments.


Car rentals can be really stressful if you do not follow suit with the basic things listed above. Doing them will not only ensure that you have a good adventure with your rented car, but it will also ensure that you avoid extra payments and difficulties.

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