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World Laughter Day May 07

Today we will tell you today is national what day. Traditionally celebrated on the first Sunday in May , World Laughter Day (or International Day) has existed since 1998 as the opportunities to laugh are not so many, take advantage and start a riddle.

World Laughter Day May 07

World Laughter Day May 07

Do you know what Quebeckers do every day for 3/4 of an hour?
> They go to work?
> They are worried because of the international financial crisis?
> They think about their menu the next day?

Although all this is possible, the answer to the question is elsewhere: every day, they spend more than 45 minutes laughing ! and, you’re going to laugh, it’s a survey commissioned by the manufacturer of the Cow Who Rit that says it then!

Is it this ability to laugh that makes them so nice?

We can not finish this page without talking about Dr. Madan Kataria, the inventor of Laughter Yoga (!), Who is behind 2500 Laughter Clubs around the world … Dr. Kataria’s dream is to to arrive at world peace thanks to laughter! death of laughter .

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