Pro Tips For World Of Warcraft Classic You Should Know

If you are familiar with the world of warcraft games, you know how interesting they are to a point where you are stuck in front of your monitor playing as much as you can. Because of the competitive nature, and the many missions that you can do, the game never gets boring. It will always have you doing certain missions and battling versus other players to get better equipment.
However, if you are just starting, you will need guidance to learn some crucial things about this game. Sure, you can prosper on your own as well, but at a slower pace. In addition, you might even miss out on certain things and regret them later.

To increase the quality of your experience, we have made this article. Here you can find some pro tips that we have prepared, that will make your progress better.

Make sure you do the Quests


If you want to proceed further faster, you will have to finish all the quests that are available for you. Sure, you can get experience from killing mobs along the way, but the quests will award you much more. Not only that you will get levels quicker, but you will have a chance to acquire better equipment and weapons as well.

However, depending on how busy the server is, you might have to wait up until there is a free place to hunt certain monsters for the quest.

Get the experience while being logged off

There is a feature in the game, that you have to be well-rested before you go out and on certain missions. When you go to the inn, you start getting points that work in a way where they multiply your experience gain when you do the missions next.

Avoid playing while your character is not rested because you will not get as much exp as usual. Instead, when before you turn off the game, be sure that you get your hero in the inn.

Learn more weapons


While there are different types of weapons, you can only use one at a time. That is why you have to choose one type to be your primary. However, an important thing that you should practice is to learn how to use all of them and obtain points. They cannot be as maxed as your primary choice, however, you should bring them to a certain level.

This is important for situations where you get a super strong item that is not in the group of your primary attribute. That way, no matter how strong the weapon is, you cannot use its full potential. However, if you have learned that group of weapons on your hero, this might be your next power-up.

Use the teleportation

There is an item in this game that gives you the ability to teleport your hero to a certain location. So instead of moving large distances on the map trying to get somewhere, you can place this stone in a place that is safe where you can turn off the game. As we have spoken above, one of these places is the inns, so you can get the rest required for the next time you get to play.

Save enough for an animal which you can ride


Running across the map can be very slow depending on where you have to go for a certain mission. For that purpose, the game has an option to get a beast that you can ride for faster moving. To be able to use this feature, you have to pass the forty-level milestone.

Until you reach that level, you have time to collect enough gold for the one mount that you like. If you did not think about this, you might get to a point where you are allowed to use them, but you will not have enough money to buy the mount.

Get more storage

To place more items in your inventory, you will have to purchase bags. That way, you can store more items and become wealthier in the game. This is a tip that you have to follow so you don’t have to sell or destroy items that you might have in the future, but store them for later.

Place some items in the bank


This is another trick with the storage, is to have another class of heroes leveled up until a certain point, let’s say level six, and place it in front of the bank. That way, you will be able to transfer some items to them or let them stay in the box. However, you should understand that these items stay in the box for about a month, and they get deleted. So, you can change them every once in a while to keep some items there and free some of your space.

Learn to aid yourself

To be able to get your health filling up faster, you should learn the profession of giving aid. That way, when you get low because of fights with monsters or against players, you can heal yourself up. Because the regeneration is slow, this profession is essential for the prosperity of your game in the future.

Learn what role you want to play

Before you get into the world, you will have to select a special type of hero that you will play for a long time making it strong. However, these different types of classes have different roles in the community. One is meant to absorb damage, the others to cast spells, third ones to do most of the damage. With an understanding of what every group does, you will determine what you want to do while playing and have a pleasant time doing it.

How to get the progress if you are not having time

If you are busy at work or at school, consider getting boosting services. These services can help you get the gear or to the level you want to without having to grind for days, weeks or even months.
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