Most Popular Sports in the World – Guide 2024

Sometimes we may think that only a few sports are followed worldwide, such as European football, the NBA or tennis. However, this is not the case and there are sports that are unknown to many people but have a great following worldwide.

On the other hand, it should be noted that there are sports that are very popular in a specific country, perhaps because these sports originated in that country, while in others they have little following. This happens especially in relatively small countries, as is the case in Japan, as we can see on some websites like



With the growing popularity of women’s tennis, both the WTA and ATP have millions of followers around the world who don’t miss any of the major tournaments held throughout the year. In addition, tennis has something very good for its fans: there are matches practically all year round. Even when there are no major top-level tournaments, we can find good lower-level tournaments, so there will always be some tournament available to follow through television and mobile apps.



Basketball, in general, is one of the most popular sports worldwide. But within basketball, there is a competition that attracts many more fans than any other: the NBA. And the NBA is not just basketball, it is a visual spectacle that we cannot find anywhere else in the world. It is undoubtedly the competition with the best players, as any player who stands out in other countries will end up playing in the NBA. And while in other sports like football we have several leagues that are considered the best in the world, without one clearly dominating the others, in basketball there is no league that can compete in quality and spectacle for the viewer with the NBA. Even attending an NBA game in person is a spectacle and fun hours before the game starts, with a great atmosphere and many entertainment options in the stadium and its surroundings.



As mentioned before, there are several leagues that can be considered the best in the world, all of them European. While there is no league that we can clearly say is superior to the others, European clubs and leagues are far superior to those found anywhere else in the world. It is true that at the national team level we can find teams like Brazil or Argentina that, despite not being European teams, are always among the best in the world. But at the club level, the best players from these countries end up going to the main European leagues, which are Spain, England, France, and Germany. Italy could also be considered one of the main ones, but in recent years the overall level of Italian competition has plummeted, so we will stick with the previous four. In recent years, what we have seen is how the best players in the world, once they reach an age where they cannot compete at the highest level, go to play in Arab countries that pay them enormous amounts of money to make soccer in those countries more attractive abroad.

Ice Hockey


Although many people are unfamiliar with this sport, ice hockey is one of the most followed sports worldwide, behind those mentioned above. It is a very entertaining sport to watch because there is a lot of action and the plays are fast. The most popular league worldwide is the NHL, where teams from Canada and the United States compete. Baseball Many people believe that baseball is only popular in the United States, but nothing could be further from the truth. There are many other countries where baseball is extremely popular and has a large number of fans. Countries like Japan have a great tradition of baseball, on par with other very popular sports in the country such as soccer.



American football is very popular in various countries, although there are not many countries where there are large leagues of this sport. But the NFL can be seen in many countries and the final, known as the Super Bowl, is watched on television and the internet by more than 100 million people worldwide. And it’s an event that goes far beyond sport, where we can see the most expensive TV commercials during the broadcast, as it’s the biggest sporting event of the year with the highest audience.

In addition, the event also hires one of the most famous and popular singers or musical artists of the moment to inaugurate the game, given the magnitude of the event.



In its different variations, motorsports also have more fans than it may seem. Not only the main competitions like Formula 1, but also many other types of races where cars with specific characteristics compete. There are also races that are held once or several times a year, without a regular competition that takes place throughout the year, which capture a lot of attention from motorsport fans. An example of this type would be the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which is run once a year but people from all over the world watch it through the internet or television. As it’s a 24-hour race, the intensity with which fans live it is enormous because it’s only played once a year.


As you can see, there are many sports that are popular all over the world. In some cases, sports with great teams and played in the country itself, while in other cases they are sports that are played in one or several countries but are seen through television or the internet all over the world.

That’s right, so don’t think that there are only a few popular sports, as even the less popular ones have a large number of fans of that sport, although it may not be as widely watched in countries other than where it is played.

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