The Most Unusual Casino Games: From Around the World and Beyond

Gambling has been a popular pastime since ancient times, and casinos offer a wide variety of modern, traditional, and unusual games to cater to all types of players. Whether you’re seeking out the thrill of poker or blackjack, or the kind of atmosphere you find in bingo and keno halls – there’s something for everyone in the gaming world.



Europe offers many great casino experiences and with that comes a wide range of unique and unusual games. Whether you’re in Monaco, London, or Budapest, there are games available that you won’t find anywhere else. Click here for more information on games you can play online. Here are some of the top choices for European casinos that you should consider trying while on vacation:

  • Baccarat – a card game originating in 14th-century France, where one player looks to match a 9-card hand with the bank by either achieving an 8 or 9 through two dealt cards. A staple game in the most luxurious casinos around Europe.
  • Craps – originating from England in the 15th century, this dice game is played by rolling two dice and betting on their outcome. It can be played alone or in teams. The dice are thrown up against the “wall” which can typically create an entertaining atmosphere for onlookers – never more so than when surrounded by fellow tourists betting against each other!
  • Poker – A variation of a five-card draw from United States origins, this highly popular card game still features prominently around Europe today. As many as 10 people can play poker at one table and players can often win large sums if they have a good hand at the end of it all.
  • Big Six Wheel – An old gambling wheel originated in Europe back in the 1300s; it is still popular today across casinos throughout Europe and beyond, usually featuring giant six-sided wheels displaying different numbers or symbols, along with images representing chances to win larger prizes or jackpots if hit correctly! Players must place bets before each spin to try their luck at matching symbols/numbers as they stop spinning after being initiated manually by a “croupier”.



Asia is home to some of the oldest and most unique forms of gaming, many of which have made their way into casinos today. Games like Sic Bo and Pai Gow are popular fixtures in casinos around the globe and have been played for centuries in parts of Asia.

  • Sic Bo: Also known as “Tai Sai,” this game has been played for centuries in Chinese gambling houses. Players wager on the outcome of a three-dice roll, with different payouts determined by different combinations. The object of the game is to predict correctly what numbers will show up on the dice.
  • Pai Gow: This Chinese game uses tiles instead of dice, featuring 21 individual tile combinations requiring skillful strategy to win consistently. The winning player often gets double their bet or better. It is often played between two players who are each dealt 4 tiles and assess which one has a better combination for reward winnings.
  • Mahjong: Mahjong is an ancient Chinese game of skill, strategy, and calculation that has been played for centuries. Mahjong can be played either with four players or in solitaire with tiles (also called stones) arranged in various patterns to form a mahjong set. The object of the game is to build sets of combinations from the available tiles and to try to win the most points. Players must look for hidden opportunities in each turn and make decisions based on their knowledge of tile layouts and their strategic understanding of the game.

North America


Like many other parts of the world, there are enough variations of traditional card games to please any group. The large selection includes Shooters, Five Card Draw, and Everyone’s Favorite Rummy. Western Canada is also home to a unique take on Texas Hold’em is known as Chessboard Poker. But if that’s not crazy enough for you, then check out one of these regions lesser known offerings on the tables:

  • Chuck-A-Luck; also referred to as Birdcage or Grand Hazard
  • The Big Six Wheel; also known as Luck Six or Money Wheel
  • Perudo; an Incan-inspired dice game sometimes referred to as Dudo or Liar’s Dice
  • Let It Ride; is best described as a hybrid between poker and blackjack

South America


When it comes to unusual casino games, South America can certainly provide some interesting options. From the traditional Argentine Paño game which is played with a skillful combination of numbers and a simple blackjack-style card game known as Shipito, to more offbeat choices like Roulette Chilena and Chinchón, South American casino enthusiasts can find plenty of opportunities for an exciting night at the tables.

Argentina’s signature casino game is known as Paño. This intricate game consists of two boards colliding in the center to form a diamond shape while four players each use seven numbered chips to bet on the outcome in broken sections. It’s highly interactive and requires deep concentration to win.

Shipito is popular in Colombia, also known as 21 Eclipse or Blackjack 21 Eclipse. The goal here is simple: hit 21 with no side bets, such as when doubling down or splitting cards, allowed in to make it more challenging and skillful. Meanwhile, Roulette Chilena is unique because players are betting on one of only six possible numbers instead of 36 like traditional roulette variants have; the player who comes closest has the chance to multiply their initial bet by 10x depending on what number it lands on at the end of each spin!

Mexico offers a classic card game dubbed Chinchón which combines elements from Rummy and Setback/Crazy Eights games as well Brazil’s Mentono uses 45 tiles marked 1 through 40 in three different colors and 5 joker tiles used for matching 4 tiles with matching ranks (numbers) or suit (colors). These feel very similar to Mahjong but much more fast-paced than traditional matches would be!



Australia is known for its unique wildlife and landscapes, but did you know that there are some truly unusual casino games from Down Under?

  • Black Marlin: This game is as quintessentially Australian as it gets! Players must pick numbers between one and four in order to win big prizes. Twenty balls will be drawn at random with each draw increasing their odds of winning.
  • Two-Up: The history behind this game is almost as fascinating as the game itself. It’s an old gambling game believed to have originated during World War I when some Australian soldiers introduced the concept of betting on coins tossed in the air by enlisted men. It’s now a popular form of entertainment in Australia.
  • Wheel of Fortune-lite: Similar to its American counterpart, Wheel of Fortune-lite gives players multiple chances to spin a wheel with various cash prizes and bonuses up for grabs if they land on ‘Jackpot’ or ‘take Home’ spaces. All players must pay an entry fee before spinning; prizes vary depending on how many players are in each round.


Unusual casino games offer added excitement for experienced players and are a perfect entry point for newcomers to the world of casinos. From card games like baccarat to hybrids and classic electronic arcade favorites, these amusingly unusual offerings can be an ideal way to break the monotony of typical gaming action and experience something truly different.

One thing is certain; as casinos continue to look for ways to appeal to different player types, an increase in demand will lead to even more unique variations on classic casino games. With a globalized world market, there’s no telling what creative new game options may soon be available around the globe!

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