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World Circus Day April 16

Today we will tell you today is national what day. It is celebrated every 3rd Saturday of April since 2009 and is already relayed in at least 36 countries. It is the very serious and very official “world circus federation” which is at the origin.

World Circus Day April 16

World Circus Day April 16


From the top of this pyramid, well over 40 circuses are watching you … on the occasion of the World Day 2014, the federation launches a pyramid contest and invites all the troops and all the circuses to realize theirs before the fateful date and post it on the Federation’s website.

Support trades of traditional circuses

In France, the world of traditional circus wanted to seize the opportunity of this day to promote its profession and more particularly the numbers involving animals. They are fighting against a recent trend that wants to eradicate animals from circuses. Imagine a circus without horses, without sea lions and without lions so stay at home!

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