6 Monitor Setup: An Introductory Guide

Whether you’re a computer whiz or not, you might still find yourself doing some trial and error when installing your 6 monitor setup. Of course, the more you plan ahead then the less likely you’ll be missing things like cables or adjustable mounts. Either way, it all starts with what device you want to use and whether you prefer Mac or Windows 10.

These are naturally personal choices but try this if you want to experience a top-of-the-range computer with an awesome specification that will have you at the top of your game.

The Right Equipment for a 6 Monitor Setup

Before you’re ready to install your multiple monitor setup, let’s check out the main equipment you’ll be investing in:

  • Computer
  • Monitors
  • Graphics cards or video card
  • Cables and desk space



These days, laptops are equally powerful so they can be used with a 6 monitor setup. You’ll therefore have to consider whether you want a laptop’s flexibility. Alternatively, a desktop is easier to upgrade because the components are more accessible for replacements.

Regardless of your personal choices, you’ll need a good processor, usually Intel or AMD, as well as at least 16GB or even 32GB of RAM. You’ll often see processors specified with several cores which basically means that they can process work simultaneously. This makes them more efficient and generally faster. Either way, a good CPU is at least 3.6GHz.



Size and resolution are your two main criteria when it comes to monitors. Size is again relatively personal. However, resolution tends to come in three different LCD panels. These are TN, VA, and IPS in order of increasing resolution. It’s worth noting though that most 6 monitor setup users go for the more reasonably priced TN panels. These are more than good enough quality without completely breaking the bank.

Graphics Cards

Most computers have integrated graphics cards but with many gamers and traders opting to install their own, it’s worth highlighting them. Essentially, a graphics card allows your monitors to display their images and graphics clearly and effectively. Without this component, your games, graphs, and images wouldn’t refresh properly or even accurately. Depending on what you use your 6 monitor setup for, this can make the difference between winning or losing a game or a trade. In terms of specifications, the most well-known brands are Radeon and NVIDIA and you can look out for graphics-RAM of 8GB or even up to 12GB for more avid gamers.

Cables and desk space


It’s always a good idea to keep your HDMI and other cables tucked away somewhere. This partly avoids you dripping over them and breaking things as well as preserving your DisplayPort connections. It also means that you’re less likely to crimp your cables that can stop them from working. There are some funky things you can do with cable ties, trays, desk holes, and other various holders. When it comes to desk space though, you might also want to invest in something larger so that your 6 monitor setup doesn’t overwhelm your space. Moreover, don’t forget how easy it is to spill drinks on surfaces. The more space you have, the less likely this happens.

A Detailed Guide to Install your 6 Monitor Setup

Even if you have a sixth sense when it comes to installing digital equipment, there are a few things you can look out for, as detailed below:

  • Layout and connect your equipment
  • Display Settings
  • Taskbar Display
  • Multiple computers

Layout and connect your equipment

Before you even get stuck in, it’s always wise to lay everything out as if it’s connected. This gives you a chance to check distances for cables as well as any missing parts. At this point, you might also want to have a power supply with a surge protector rather than plugging directly into the wall. This will protect your equipment for the longer term.

Display Settings


Most computers will automatically detect that you have two, three, or even 6 monitors. Having said that, you might still want to go into the display settings and choose to extend or mirror your display. Most people choose to extend so that you effectively have one large screen to work with rather than several independent monitors. Although, this of course depends on what you’re using them for.

Taskbar Display


Depending on your preferences, you might want to change the settings of where your taskbar is actually displayed. For instance, do you want it on each of your monitors or simply on one of them? For all these decisions, you can also install special apps designed for multi-monitor setups. The most famous one is DisplayFusion that helps you manage your cursor so you don’t lose it, amongst other things.

Parting Words for the Best 6 Monitor Setup

Installing a multi-monitor setup isn’t complicated but there will be differences in preferences of settings that you’ll want to test out. Even things like backgrounds can be set up differently to suit your style. You’ll also want to arrange your work and games in a particular way and so again, you might want to play around with two or three monitors before getting your full 6 monitor setup. Either way, you’re bound to enjoy the extra space and technical prowess of your equipment. You’ll soon be the expert for how you want to run things and you’ll wonder how you ever managed to cope before.

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