Is Do-It-Yourself Data Recovery a Good Idea in 2024

Data is one of the vital assets for an organization. It will determine the success and failure of the business. Data covers the employee and business information, contracts, design documents and correspondence, etc. Furthermore, the day to day activities is also saved on computers. Therefore, no business can afford to lose its data.

So is it a good choice to do it yourself? Or should you consult some professional service? Of course, if the data isn’t that important and you can take the risk, you should try it yourself. This will give you a better command over the aspect and the next time you face such a problem, you won’t panic. Contrarily, if it is about some confidential information or important data, professional help is viable.

EaseUS provides you with the data recovery software. So if you want to try the data recovery process by yourself, you can go to Thus, you will get a tool to recover information after a format, virus attack and sudden system crash. Furthermore, you will also be able to recover your information in case of accidental file deletion and unexpected power off.

DIY or professional?


A professional can do the work in no time but it might cost you heavily. Therefore, if you have a basic knowledge of computers and your computing skills are good enough, you can DIY. There are several DIY recovery software that you can use to deal with your issues.

DIY software

If you search “Data recovery” on the internet, you will see several options of “Free recovery software”. All of this software have their plus points. Some of them provide the option of recovering files after accidental deletion. While some of them provide various accidental recoveries.

But not all of them are authentic software. Usually, the “free download” button comes with a malware program that will infect your device. Thus, instead of getting your lost files, you might lose much more. Therefore, it is always better to go for the paid programs. They offer a free trial period so if you feel satisfied with the result, you can pay for it.

Step by Step guide


If you want to recover your data with your own skills, we have the step by step guide for you.

  1. The first and the most important thing is to keep your hard drive safe. Therefore, if you have encountered any accidental loss, remove the hard drive from your system.
  2. Now is the next step to connect this hard drive with any working computer.
  3. Afterward, power on the computer or laptop with which the hard drive is connected now. You have to be careful in this step as the hard drive may malfunction. Therefore, keep your ears close to the drive and hear for any unusual sound.
  4. Now check if the new device has recognized this drive. If yes, you can check for your lost data. If not, your drive might be mechanically failed. Therefore, you need to go for a professional.

When to try DIY?

Sometimes our small mistakes make us lose important files. So if you have lost information because of accidental formatting or file deletion, you can do it yourself. Furthermore, even if the files are lost because of some virus attack, you can still use your own skills.

As mentioned above, software programs are the biggest help for you. Besides, every program has its own algorithmic ways to deal with problems. Therefore, you cannot expect to get similar results from all of them. That is why you have to search for the right program.

So when you are attempting DIY, you have to take care of certain factors. These include;

  1. Do not recover the files on the same device from which you lost them. If you do so, you might get the original file rewritten. Eventually, your options will get limited if you fail to get the files on the first attempt.
  2. If the hard drive is not examined by a professional and has a bad head, it will eventually become unrecoverable. Therefore, if the informative files are valuable, contact a professional and get a proper diagnosis and examination. You can also find some professionals that will give a free examination. So if you are sure that the hard drive is completely safe, you can try DIY.

When to call an expert?


For simple information and file recovery from your device, you can try out the software programs. They will help you out in getting back your lost files. But in case of extreme damage, you will need professional help and guidance. Moreover, there are certainly other factors that will determine whether you need a professional or not. Therefore,

  1. If your lost files are valuable, don’t risk them. Instead, consult a professional.
  2. When you need as much data as possible. Amateurs know the basics only while professionals have special tools and programs to get what they want. Therefore, if you want every last bit of the information, it is better to ask a professional. Pros can always recover more data than you.
  3. Whenever you are not sure that the hard drive is safe. If the hard drive gets physically jarred or dropped, it is highly likely that you might increase the damage. Therefore, you should not try it yourself if you are certain that there is some problem with the hard drive. It will be dangerous to repower it at such a point.
  4. If you see a S.M.A.R.T error on your device it is time to go a professional. Although it is not activated on all devices, if you receive it, it means that your device is not safe.
  5. When your device shows the “Blue Screen of Death” it means that it’s out of your hands now.
  6. If the hard drive of your computer starts to make abnormal sounds, you should stop anything you are working on.

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