Mobile Vs Desktop Gambling – Which Is More Popular

The world of online gambling started to expand with the appearance of the internet. People no longer had to go to real casinos, and generally, more people started taking interest in this activity. The nineties were the time when everything around online casinos started blossoming, and soon after states started issuing licenses for this activity. Licensing influenced the rise in the number of online gambling platforms.

In the beginning, there weren’t many options for different games, platforms were mostly offering classic ones like blackjack, but over time as the market grew and technology developed as well, a variety of games appeared on gambling sites. For example, slot games became more advanced, having better graphics, and offering an exciting storyline behind them. This made people choose this type of game over others.

As it grew, the industry came to the point where it is worth billions of dollars. This is a result of having tons of gambling platforms available on multiple devices. Today, we are able to gamble both on our smartphones, and computers. Each has its own advantage, but one of these options is more popular than the other. Which one is it? Keep reading to find out.

Considering the fact that an average adult carries their smartphone in his pocket, most of the day, some even while they sleep, one must admit that the question of popularity is easily answered. Since we live with these devices, it is only natural for them to be a far more popular option for gambling, than the desktop PC. There are a couple of factors we took into consideration when analyzing which one is more popular. We’ll explain more about these factors in the rest of the article.

Sites like offer tons of commodities for gamblers, like attractive bonuses, and exciting game graphics, and it is quite easy to navigate through them. Of course, the website is entirely adjusted for smartphones, so there are no bugs or other complications you may expect to have in comparison to the computer. Having in mind that when you gamble you are actually holding your device, this makes the activity available wherever you are. It can fit in your pocket, so whenever you have time to play, you just pull it out and gamble, regardless of your location. While on the other hand, a computer is a larger device, in most cases used at home, or in your office. If it’s in the office, then using a duty computer for these purposes is not acceptable. While a smartphone is your own property, so you are allowed to do whatever you want with it. Only these couple of facts make it clear how different these two devices are when it comes to convenience and popularity. But, there are more points to prove this.

Internet access


Most would get confused about this because both devices we’re mentioning in this article have access to the internet. However, accessibility does not guarantee the same speed and stability of the connection. Did you know that when a computer connects to the WiFi network, it will work at a better speed than the mobile? This is actually one point because of which some people prefer to gamble on computers. However, the networks are also being improved over time, and now we have 4G and 5G internet available in more and more places, which means that in terms of stability, mobiles are getting close to beating the computers. So, regardless of the game, it is possible to play at a decent speed even on mobile.

Also, in terms of having to install required software for internet connection, mobiles are much more convenient, since none of these are required.

Privacy and ease of use

As we’ve mentioned previously in the text, we carry mobiles wherever we are, which makes them much more convenient when it comes to privacy and ease of use. Computers on the other hand are not so convenient to carry around, and in most cases are kept in a fixed place.


Another tricky thing about computers is the battery issue. Mobiles have way better battery life than these, Computers are required to be near a socket all the time, since the batter cannot stand more than five hours, approximately. If we’re talking about desktops, then there is a constant need for them to be plugged into the socket. And games are quite demanding when it comes to battery. They can drain it in no time.

Having in mind all that we have mentioned in the article, it is safe to conclude once more that the popularity of mobile gambling is way higher, and can only be expected to continue rising, given the technological development.

With it, the industry will rise as well, as it is becoming more widespread around the world. We have mentioned in the introduction how the first online gambling platforms started to appear and be licensed way back in the nineties, and how at the moment it is worth billions of dollars. It is also important to mention that one of the milestones was reached in the 2000s when the possibility to chat while gambling was first introduced. At this point, more than 7 million people worldwide were gambling online.


Since then, the industry has done nothing but rising. There were hardly any stagnation periods. 4 years ago, it was worth almost 60 billion, and it was all thanks to the development of the internet. And its accessibility in the world. Today, smartphones are no longer a thing of luxury, and even those living in third-world countries use them daily, which makes gambling something everyone can do. And the options for this activity are huge. If one does not wish to invest money, bonuses are always available. Having multiple accounts on different platforms makes it easy to play without investing. There are also minimum deposit casinos that do not require large amounts of money to be deposited in order to play. A couple of dollars is just enough.

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