4 Rules and Strategies to Follow When Playing Blackjack at a Casino

Whether you enjoy traditional gambling at brick and mortar casinos or you’re more of a fan of online gambling, there are things that are mutual to both. The first thing that connects all types of gambling, as well as all the different games that one can play, are – strategies. Professional gamblers claim that having a good strategy is the most important factor of success and that among all the other essentials such as being lucky or having a lot of experience, strategies that work are far more needed and more useful to players.

That being said, no matter which game you enjoy (except from slots, for example), you would certainly need a strategy, if you are planning on winning. Hopefully, having more than one strategy will bring you even better results, since you will know exactly what to do if some of your strategies don’t work. Finally, confusing your opponent is also a valuable tool for winning, and this is why mixing strategies might be a great idea

However, developing a strategy is nothing but simple or easy. It usually goes with lots of experience, and thus – with a lot of lost money. Not to mention that they are even being sold as a valuable asset, and this asset is usually pretty expensive. Still, if you play poker you’d need certain tips and tricks. But this doesn’t mean these tips and tricks would work if you played blackjack, for example. Every game has its own rules, so the best thing you can do is focusing on only one game at a time.

Since we’ve already mentioned blackjack, it’s useful to explain how popular this game has been ever since it appeared on the gambling stage, and how popular it still is.


One of the reasons for its unparalleled popularity is the fact that this is one of the oldest casino games. Research shows that blackjack first appeared in the 18th century in France, only to become so popular to expand to other countries such as Great Britain or Spain, and finally, the rest of the world. Since this is such an old and traditional game, people enjoy being a part of it, whether played in physical casinos or online casinos. It’s also a game that appeared in a lot of movies, which makes it intriguing and interesting to people, especially if they’ve never tried playing it.

But apart from that, blackjack is somewhat easy to play, and it’s even easier to learn, or at least it’s not as complicated as, for example, poker. This is good news for many newbies, since it means that they don’t have to invest that much time, money and effort into learning how to master it. However, this most certainly doesn’t mean you don’t need any skills, it simply means that it’s easier to gain those needed skills, compared to other games.

Another reason worth mentioning is the fact that the odds are pretty good, and it’s not impossible to win. As a matter of fact, this game has one of the lowest, if not the lowest house edge. What does this mean? This means that the amount of money you need to invest to enter the game is significantly lower compared to all the other initial investments you need to make in a casino. It’s usually under 2%, which gives you a great deal of odds and a great opportunity for both money return and winning money with a small wagering requirement. At the same time, you can count on pretty high payouts, which is a very important element for all the gamblers. Click here if you’re interested in more info about blackjack.

If you wanna succeed in the game, and earn big money, you need certain tips and tricks, as well as strategies. Although there are no strict guidelines when it comes to gambling, and everyone has their own logic, system, strategies and tricks, there still are some universal tips that you can use to double your chances of winning. Let’s dive into it:



Since this is a card game that seems like it’s based on your luck (while in reality, things are just based on the cards that you and the rest of the players have), you should always follow your lucky streak, and raise your bet accordingly. That being said, it’s wiser to raise the bet and invest more every time you see that you’re winning, rather than trying to retrieve your money if your streak was bad. Think about that next time when you both start gaining or losing money.


Whether those are players, your opponents or it’s croupier, don’t hesitate to ask for advice, and – you’d be surprised how much good advice people are willing to give if you simply ask them a question or two. That being said, your dealer can easily become your best teacher, if there are not too many people in the casino at the very moment (even then!). You can even split the winnings with your new friend, which will most certainly motivate him to help you out and teach you some useful stuff.



Blackjack professionals say that you should always focus on the card number ten. What does this mean? If you can’t see the card and you assume it’s that one, you have the biggest odds of guessing it right. Knowing that there are certain cards that are being faced down, such as kings and queens, while the rest of the number up to 10 are always facing upward, can really help you win the game. Before you go to a real casino, you can also pick one of the online blackjack versions, and you can practice a bit, which is also a great tip for beginners. When you bet, your goal should always be to get a 10. Double bets, split cards and do almost everything accordingly.


If you have cards that are 10 in value make sure not to split them. This can give you a great advantage over other players at some point in the game. The best hand you can have is the one that consists of any card that points ten, as well as one ace. Keep that in mind when you’re checking on your cards.

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