How Popular Are E-cigarettes Among Australian Teens?

Experts and parents from Australia are worried about the rising demands of e-cigarettes amongst teens. They want restrictions to be imposed on its availability. Many parents conducted a survey wherein they concluded that less than half of the children had not discussed the use of electronic cigarettes with them. In this article, we will be sharing more details about e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes and different kinds of ‘vaping’ gadgets are still genuinely new, and more exploration is required to understand the side effects of such devices. Examination of these gadgets is convoluted because many of them are being sold, and various synthetic compounds are utilized in them.

Electronic cigarettes are harmful to teens, and endeavors should be made to teach them about these dangerous side effects. Different investigations give solid proof that the government is taking various measures to prevent using these devices amongst minors. We have also discussed the harmful side effects of electronic cigarettes later in this post. Consider checking out to get more details on this topic.



An e-cigarette is a gadget that operates with the help of a battery and discharges vapors made from a liquid to breathe in. Usually, the arrangement contains nicotine. The point is to give the vibe of breathing in tobacco smoke without using the actual smoke. The fumes that are taken in might have:

  • Nicotine (the habit-forming drug in tobacco).
  • Flavorings.
  • Poisons—including ones that cause malignancy.

The public authorities are trying their level best to control the spread of these devices. This implies you should be something like 18 to get them in the U.S. Regardless of that, e-cigs are more well known among the U.S. and Australian youngsters than some other type of tobacco. In 2017, around 1 out of 5 twelfth graders revealed “vaping” nicotine. Youth who use nicotine are in danger of long haul wellbeing impacts.



There are security or quality norms set for e-cigarettes, which means their production, substance, and naming are unregulated. E-cigarettes can contain nicotine, glycerine, or propylene glycol, and some other flavors as well.

Risky substances have been found in the fluids present in such devices and the spray delivered by them. These include acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, and acrolein, which are known to cause various harmful diseases. A few synthetic compounds in these vapor sprayers can cause harm to the DNA.

Even if some of the electronic cigarettes are provided with a label of nicotine-free, they can contain some amount of it. And as we discussed above, nicotine is an addictive substance and causes various disturbances in a person’s brain.



It helps in controlling your nicotine intake:

It is said that e-cigarettes help you to control your dose or intake of nicotine. The e-fluids are accessible in assorted qualities, beginning from high-exceptional nicotine to fair to without nicotine.

You can pick how much strength you want or how much extraordinary substance you need for e-cigs. For the most part, e-cigarettes start with the high/exceptional degrees of nicotine, and afterward, at long last, you will be able to eliminate this habit finally.

Provides you instant satisfaction:

People who regularly smoke develop the habit of intaking it daily. If you want to cut this habit, then trying electronic cigarettes can help you with instant satisfaction. It starts working with only one push on the device. Also, the e-fluid works for a long time and requires no or less maintenance.

Easily available:

An E-cigarette is substantially more open and generally accessible in current business sectors. These days, you can, without much of a stretch, discover the substance/fluid in your nearby general stores, fume shops, smoke cafes, service stations, and so forth. You can even purchase it on the web, and the suppliers will straightforwardly convey the stock to your doorstep.



It contains various toxins:

Apart from nicotine, electronic cigarettes contain various other toxins that are harmful to your health. These toxins include acrolein, carcinogens, benzene, propylene glycol, hazardous metals, and different other minute particles that are dangerous for your lungs. Most of these toxic compounds are also present in conventional cigarettes.

It can cause cancer:

You presumably have a thought that each cigarette contains some degree of nicotine. With e-cigarettes, your nicotine admission is high; you might hurt yourself from the poisonous substances present in them.

As per the proof found by a review, “convincing evidence that totally subbing e-cigarettes for burnable tobacco cigarettes decreases clients’ openness to various poisons and cancer-causing agents present in flammable tobacco cigarettes.” However, if you have no power over controlling your nicotine intake, the odds are high that you can foster disease in your body.

Does not give a good message to teens:

The advertising of e-cigarettes and their scope of flavors can give the feeling that vaping isn’t destructive. This message can entice individuals, including teenagers, to begin vaping. Notwithstanding, vaping from the beginning might build the odds of smoking standard cigarettes sometime down the road. As per a recent report, youngsters who use e-cigs can smoke everyday tobacco items later on.

It can encourage addiction:

However, it is more secure to vape than smoking and is confined to more youthful individuals; numerous adolescents and children are getting dependent on the utilization of e-cigarette. This might prompt further enslavement among them, possibly cocaine or ordinary smoking. The various flavors and tastes might appear to be alluring to youth to cause them to notice vaping.


Electronic cigarettes are gaining a lot of popularity these days, especially among youngsters. They see such devices as a helpful way to decrease the amount of traditional smoking, but they also need to understand the harmful effects it causes on their health. Without having complete knowledge about it, people must not start consuming it.

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