Unleash Your Kitchen’s Creativity with Whipped Cream Chargers— Perfect for Entrees, Desserts, and Drinks!

Whether you’re a hobbyist baker or a professional barista, a whipped cream charger can be just what your kitchen needs. These handy little canisters have a variety of purposes, primarily allowing you to make whipped cream in a blink! Cream chargers, also known as whippets or whip-its, open a world of possibilities for your recipes. Read on to see how whip-its work and why you need them in your kitchen!

Learning the Basics of Whipped Cream Chargers


When learning anything, it’s always best to start at the beginning. So let’s take a closer look at what a whippet is and how it works.

What Is a Whipped Cream Charger?

A whipped cream charger is a metal canister filled with nitrous oxide. This natural gas is non-toxic and has a soft, sweet flavor. The charger is used in combination with a whipped cream dispenser and a pressure regulator. You need to have the pressure regulator unless you only plan on making one style of whipped cream for the rest of your days. The regulator unlocks the ability to change the density of your cream, use dairy-free alternatives, and make things other than whipped cream.

Nitrous oxide is contained in a tiny metal canister called a whip cream charger. The whipper container has a tiny nozzle on one end and is roughly the size of a shot glass. Nitrous oxide aids in stabilizing the cream in a whip cream charger, resulting in whipped cream that is thick and creamy.

How do Whip-Its Work?


By adding the charger to whatever you have in the dispenser, you can diffuse the gas into the ingredients for various effects. When added to heavy cream and any potential flavorings, the effect is that the gas dissolves, creating tiny bubbles that form a perfectly fluffy texture that holds shape for hours. If you were to put chopped fruit pieces into the dispenser and add the charger, you would carbonate the fruit to use as a garnish or a light snack with a pop of refreshing flavor. The pressure regulator allows you to adjust the rate of nitrous flow, changing the effect as it mixes with your ingredients.  Nitrous oxide gas is released into a whipped cream dispenser using whipped cream charges. As the gas dissolves, it infuses the cream with small bubbles that give it a light and fluffy texture. The whipped cream can maintain its form for a longer period of time because to the amount of pressure the gas creates.

You require heavy cream, a whipped cream charger, and a whipped cream dispenser to get started. Pick a whipped cream dispenser that best meets your needs from the variety of sizes available. Whipping cream chargers and dispensers are often available online or at most kitchen supply stores.

Cocktails in foam Cocktail foams may be made using whipped cream chargers. Mix the components for your preferred cocktail with ice in a shaker, then filter the beverage into a whipped cream dispenser before adding a charger. Shake the dispenser before pouring the foam onto your drink.

How Do I Get a Whip-It?

Whipped cream chargers are available over the counter and online. They come in a variety of sizes, so determine what all you will need it for before investing. Kitchen chefs who bake for the occasional school sale will likely be fine with the smaller 8G container. Full-time bakers or baristas and restaurant kitchens would probably do better with something like the 640G tank offered by ExoticWhip.

What to Do With Whipped Cream Chargers

Once you’ve got your chargers, dispenser, and regulator, it’s time to unlock the cream charger’s full potential. While they are primarily used for whipped cream, the name is a bit of a misnomer. Whip-its can be used for so much more! Here are all the ways whipped cream chargers can boost your business.


You already know the charger can create gorgeous, stable whipped cream of all kinds. With a simple pressure adjustment, it can also make a luxurious mousse, flavorful frosting, and cream cheese foam. Don’t forget the twist in carbonated fruit!


Cream chargers can help you make the best espumas to add to your soups or a delightfully savory cheese foam. You can also infuse oil or butter with a blend of herbs and spices to use as finishers or in cooking.


If you’ve ever had a nitro coffee, then you’ve already tasted one use for nitrous oxide in drinks. Cream chargers can also froth your cocktails for an exquisite texture or add foam toppings to cocktails or cafe drinks. You can also use cream cheese foam for boba tea!


Using a cream charger for all of the above can create consistent high-quality results. This makes it easy to pick a dish here or there to feature in your digital marketing. Additionally, your customers will love the results and keep coming back for more— and sending in their friends!


Whipping cream by hand can feel like it takes forever. By using a charger, you create high-quality products in a fraction of the time. This frees you up to take on other orders, making your kitchen more efficient.



You can perfect your presentation and create culinary masterpieces in a fraction of the time with whipped cream chargers. Experiment with different pressures and recipes to see what you can come up with, and switch out your dispenser nozzles to change up how things look. Most importantly, have more time to spend on the fun aspects of baking, cooking, or bartending, and let the whipped cream charger take care of the more mundane tasks and unlock new menu items. Remember to follow manufacturer guidelines for safe use and proper disposal!

As may be obvious, whipped cream chargers are flexible and valuable kitchen instruments that can be utilized to improve different dishes, beverages, and treats. With the over ten thoughts and a bunch of recipes accessible on the web, you can get innovative and investigate every one of the potential outcomes whipped cream chargers offer.

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