Locked Out Of Your House? Don’t Panic: 9 Tips And Tricks From A Professional Locksmith

Has someone ever had a long day at work and been looking forward to coming home and unwinding only to discover that they had locked themselves outside the house upon reaching the place? That cannot be very pleasant. In more irritating situations, one might have just left the house when a gust of wind abruptly closed the door, much to one’s annoyance. What should one do in that situation?

The most irritating situation is that one never plans to lock oneself out of the house. No one is prepared for it, so when it happens, one is completely baffled and unsure what to do. Almost all have encountered such circumstances at some point, and many more may do so in the future. In such situations, one may contact a locked out of house locksmith to open the lock timely and prevent the situation from getting any worse.

Tips From A Professional Locksmith To Avoid Locking Outside The Home

Always choose preventative measures over curative ones. Knowing how to avoid becoming locked out of one’s home is preferable to getting locked out and going through terror. It’s crucial to take precautions to avoid being locked out at all costs. So, here are the following tips.

1. Check The Windows And Doors Twice

When one locks the keys inside the house, unlocked windows can be dangerous and helpful. The best course of action is to check whether the person has left any windows or doors unlocked before leaving the house and if there is no way to enter a closed door.

If the answer is yes and the entrance is wide enough for a grownup, one can enter and unlock the house from inside. If the individual has children, they might want to send them in to take advantage of their size.

2. Make A List Of Potential Spare Keyholders For Home

The majority of people make copies of their house keys and provide them to trusted individuals. One is fortunate in such a situation, especially if one has locked the keys inside. If a house lockout occurs, one always calls a friend or family member with the property’s key for assistance. Landlords also carry extra keys that they can swiftly give the keys.

3. Take The Doorknob Off

If one has locked the keys inside, one might still be able to enter by removing the doorknob. One may need first to identify the screws and carefully undo the fasteners with a screwdriver, depending on the doorknob style.

One can use a flathead screwdriver for pinholes or slots. Paper clips will do the trick if the screwdriver is too large to loosen the bolts. The doorknob can be readily removed after the screws are undone. If one still needs a toolbox, ask the neighbour if they have one.

4. A Coat Hanger Could Do The Trick

During the lockout, if there is any apparent space between the sides of the door, one can try to pull the tongue of the lock-up by inserting a coat hanger into it (this only works for lower-level security doors that don’t require a key). There is no use in attempting, though, if there is no room for the coat hanger to fit.

5. Contact A Professional Locksmith

When the house keys are locked inside, and one doesn’t have extra keys, call a professional locksmith to help unlock the door. Although it could be expensive, doing this will ensure one has access to the house and guard against any potential door damage (inexperienced residents break the locks when trying to open them and spend more than hiring a locksmith).

Be sure to show some documents to prove that the individual owns the building when trying to enter if considering hiring a professional. Even after midnight, some locksmiths may respond to emergencies but charge a little extra. A locksmith could charge $150 or more on average. Depending on the circumstances and the professional, the fee for after-hours emergency services could increase to $300.

6. Test Out The Dog Entrance

One can also try this approach in an emergency if the owner has a dog or cat door and one is thin enough to fit through.

7. Request A Spare Key

If one rents the home, the landlord likely has a spare key as well; most landlords do. Contact them and get a duplicate of the key. If one resides in a gated community, the manager of the complex may be able to provide a spare or master key. Make sure to show proof that one lives in the house when attempting to get into it. This will help asking the boss for assistance much simpler.

8. Bring A Ladder

There’s a possibility that the first-floor windows of a two-story house have yet to be locked. Check to see if one can borrow a ladder from a neighbor or a construction site close to the house.

9. Check To See Whether One Can Pick Any Lock

One can pick the lock by using tools like bobby pins. You could pick locks with everyday objects like bobby pins, paper clips, and credit cards. These are several techniques for picking locks.

A. Use A Bump Key

Little master keys, such as bump keys, can open any lock. They might be available at the neighborhood hardware shop or a locksmith. Choose the keys that most closely resemble the keyhole on the front door if planning to buy.

B. Unlock By Using A Credit Card

A credit card is another alternative if one has no bobby pins. A credit card is another commonplace item that could be used to unlock a closed door. If one has the right tools, the window locks are simpler to open than the main doors.

C. Try Using A Paper Clip Or Bobby Pin To Open A Door Lock

The bobby pin’s top metal bar should be bent, so the overall shape is an L. One of them is bent into a W shape. Use the W-shaped pin to feel the lock’s pins while holding the lock with the L-shaped pin. Push the pins up to unlock the door once they have gotten around them.


Though irritating, being locked out of the home is hardly the end of the world. Every month, literally thousands of people find themselves in such a scenario. Maintain composure and attempt some of these strategies to enter the house. If all else fails, contact the neighborhood locksmith. For home lockouts, hiring a reputable locksmith is a wise move. Skilled locksmiths have the skills and experience to manage any emergency lock-related situation. One can quickly and safely re-enter the home with their methods and tools. Professional locksmiths can aid in avoiding future lockouts and giving advice and assistance.

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