Bald Eagle: National Bird of USA

The national bird of USA is Bald Eagle. As every country has its own national symbols like national flower, national flag, national anthem, national game and so on. The National bird is also a symbol of countries and so therefore every country has its own National bird which represents the country’s culture its strength and emblem.

History National Bird of USA

The Bald Eagle is recognized as the National Bird of USA (United States) and this idea was proposed to symbolize America in 1782 when the newly founded congress was presented a drawing of the eagle. That design was immediately accepted and Olive branch and arrows were included in the eagle’s talon representing Peace and War respectively. Later, after five years in 1787, the Bald Eagle was officially adapted as an emblem of the United States.

[table caption=”Bald Eagle Features” width=”500″]
1,National Bird,USA
2,Scientific name,Haliaeetus leucocephalus
3,Wingspan,5.9 – 7.5 ft
4,Lifespan,20 years
5,Mass,6.6 to 14 lbs
6,Body Length,70-102 cm

The eagle represents freedom. Living as it does on the summits of high mountains, between the greatness of solitary nature, it is an unlimited freedom, with or without gears strong hikes in the valleys or down into unlimited space beyond.

One of the reasons of choosing the Bald Eagle as a National Bird was in fact its association with the authority and the state, and it was used as a symbol of government power since Roman Times.

National Bird of USA Bald Eagle became an American Icon as the design went on to appear on all official documents such as currency, flags, all public related buildings and all other government related things.

Interesting Facts about the Bald Eagle 

Interesting Facts about the Bald Eagle

National Bird of USA

National Bird of USA is the unique and only eagle in North America. It’s typical brown chocolate body with white top head and tail make easily recognizable even remotely. It holds its wings completely flat while flying as in rare occasions they beat their wings, but it rises. Bald Eagle hooked beak, feet and legs are yellow.

Fish is the main food of the Bald Eagles, but they eat a variety of other animals and birds too. Its prey includes waterfowl and small mammals such as squirrels, prairie dogs, raccoons and rabbits. Bald eagles are predatory opportunists which means that in addition to hunting live prey, they will steal other animals (mainly other birds feed eagles or less birds)

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Despite the symbolic importance of America’s majestic national bird, a real threat of extinction faces. In the late 1800s, the country was home to 100,000 bald eagles nesting, but the number of birds declined rapidly due to factors such as habitat destruction and hunting. In 1940, Congress passed the adopted Bald Eagle Protection Act, which is illegal to own, sell or kill birds. Created a new threat, when they started, contaminated with the consumption of DDT prey, a pesticide that came into widespread use after World War II.  Four hundred breeding pairs were found in 1960 in USA. Well bald eagle have high population in Tampa, when I last visit in Tampa, in one of my friend home inspection company called, I found bald eagles there, by the way Tampa is also the very famous tourist location in USA.

Thanks to the protection and regulations on DDT related federal, the bald eagle population in 1995 recovered sufficiently, the state of endangered species, birds threatened with being changed, and was established in 2007 in the completely eliminated list. 

Bald Eagle Picture

picture of Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle Pics

Bald Eagle Picture

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