Golden Eagle : National Bird of Afghanistan

National Bird of Afghanistan

The Golden Eagle was considered as the National bird of Afghanistan.

History of National Bird of Afghanistan

A brief history about the emblem of Afghanistan relates that it has been changed for about thirteen times since 1900s to the date. The first emblem of Afghanistan showed a gate in the center of four flags. This emblem was the part of the flag of Afghanistan from 1900-1919. After this they were changed with time to time by expressing different signs and became a part of national flag of Afghanistan.  During 1974-1978, in this era of about four years an eagle was a portrait of the national emblem of Afghanistan with few words in Pushto (Afghan National Language) was written at the bottom with a prominent word of “AFGHANISTAN”. From this emblem it was considered that the Golden Eagle took the position of National Bird of Afghanistan.



[table caption=”Golden Eagle Features” width=”500″]
1,National Bird,Afghanistan
3,Wingspan,1.8 to 2.34 m
5,Mass Male,Male: 3.6 kg
6,Mass Female,Female: 5.1 kg
7,Body Length,70 – 84 cm

National Bird of Afghanistan

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Interesting Facts of Golden Eagles

The most interesting facts about Golden Eagles are: –

  1. Golden Eagle species can sustain an area of about 60 square meters.
  2. The flying speed is usually up to 32mph with an extreme gliding capability of 81mph and may touch the figure of 150mph while falling after the prey.
  3. Golden Eagle love to eat rabbits, ground squirrels and marmots. They often eat carrions, fish, birds and reptiles also.
  4. Golden Eagles are monogamous; they may stay along their mates for many years or till possible life.
  5. Females lay up to four eggs; both of the parents are responsible for protecting these eggs for about 45 days. Mostly one to two young may able to continue their lives to fledge within three months.

Golden Eagle Pictures

Golden Eagle Pics Golden Eagle pictures pictures of Golden Eagle

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