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World Health Day April 07

Today we will tell you today is national what day. Every year on April 7, hundreds of organizations celebrate World Health Day. Awareness-raising events are being held around the world to better inform public opinion about morbidity, mortality and suffering.

World Health Day April 07

World Health Day April 07

The unacceptable suffering of the mother and the child had been chosen as the theme for the day of 2005. WHO is part of this day and organizes events at the global, regional and national levels to mark the World Day of Health.

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Our most valuable inalienable capital is our health. But the global situation is alarming: the developing countries still do not benefit from the living conditions necessary to maintain good health. Infrastructures are deficient and access to medicines difficult, not to mention the trafficking of adulterated drugs …

In the so-called developed countries, equality in health is also not appropriate. Although a majority of citizens in these countries benefit from efficient and accessible health infrastructures, others are forced to give up some care because they can not afford the health insurance company that will cover their expenses.

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