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World Asteroid Day June 30

We are going to share today is what national day? Is World Asteroid Day part of the long list of more or less crazy days that we celebrate over the months? What nenni! According to its initiators, it is quite serious and aims to educate the general public on the risks incurred during the fall of the asteroids.

World Asteroid Day June 30

World Asteroid Day June 30

The question asked goes much further: when is the establishment of a detection device against these space travelers, with “potentially devastating” effects? The question needs to be asked.

A little history

The choice of the date of June 30 owes nothing to chance. It was indeed June 30, 1908 that a fireball fell from the sky exploded above ground in the Tunguska, Siberia. The consecutive shock wave had been so violent that 1200 km 2 of forest had been swept away like simple straw fetuses.

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