Top 4 Most Expensive Samsung TVs in The World

Since its inception, Samsung has given people worldwide access to some amazing gadgets and devices, however, some of the best things that came from this company are their incredible television sets. Of course, there are ones under $1000 that you can opt for, but, if you are looking for a TV that is packed with the best tech out there, this article can help.

The article below is going to feature a list of 4, most expensive Samsung TVs in the world, as well as a guide for understanding some of the new and cutting-edge features that Samsung choose to incorporate into their devices. Let’s take a closer look at the list:

1. Q950TS


Price: $12.999

Size & Resolution: 85 inches, 8K

Screen Type: QLED

You have probably already heard a lot of people praising this model and this is probably because the tech behind it seems to make the picture simply escape into the room – which is something a lot of people claim to be futuristic. The 8K image is the home to 33 million (yes, million) pixels and this, combined with their most advanced processor guarantees that the resolution is used to its full extent.

It is also a model that is packed with the best features and if you choose to purchase this one, you’ll gain access to a quantum processor, an amplifier that can be voice-activated, an adaptive image tech, a real-game booster, and a sound system that can track objects. The design is also stunning and it can fit into any room or bedroom layout.

2. UA110S9


Price: $60.000

Size & Resolution: 98 inches, 8K

Screen Type: QLED

One of the best things about this type is that its intelligent apps easily bring this huge television to life – this is probably why Samsung’s Intelligence Center received a lot of praise. The first of its kind frame stand design, the high definition sound quality, and the incredible screen specs make this TV worth the 60.000 dollars you are thinking about paying.

The 98 inches screen is equipped with voice and face recognition and it is capable of reading your gestures, which is something that is truly amazing. The 8K resolution has an incredible depth of detail, the most powerful processor will provide you with the ultimate sound, picture, and smart features, and the quantum HDR 32X will provide you with the most beautiful colors.



Price: $150.000

Size & Resolution: 110 inches, 4K Ultra HD

Screen Type: LED-LCD

Now, you might be wondering – why is this TV so expensive, what makes it so special? Well, to put it simply, everything about it is special. It is a 4K UHD TV that has an astonishing 3840x2160px resolution and a 240Hz refresh rate that will keep the picture looking perfect on the 110-inch screen.

It is packed with amazing innovations, and unlike the other sets in this list, it is packed with a wide range of USB and HDMI ports, which means that you’ll be able to plug in various devices at the same time. If you are interested in the CCTV installation process and how to make all of this more secure, you can check out this link for more info.

4. UN105S9B


Price: $260.000

Size & Resolution: 105 inches, 4K Ultra HD

Screen Type: LCD

The last model in this article is, of course, the most expensive one that comes with a shocking price of 260.000 dollars. Although it is incredibly expensive, it offers users UHD upscaling, an auto-depth booster, UHD dimming, precision local black dimming, and so on. To say it simply, you’ll get a crystal clear picture, natural colors that will take your breath away, and the best picture performance out there.

However, the thing mentioned above is not the most impressive thing about the TV, it is the fact that you can bend it! Yes, you have read it right. By pressing a button, you can transform it into a curved TV. This, combined with its screen of 105 inches makes it the biggest bendable TV in the world.

A Guide For Understanding The Specs


Before you go ahead and choose one of these expensive TV models, there are some things that you should know and understand. So, let’s first take a look at the explanation of some of the specs:

  1. Quantum DOT Artificial Intelligence – now, this is the name of the company’s latest generation technology, that helps upgrade the lower resolution to 4K or 8K.
  2. An Adaptive Image – is a method for adjusting the picture based on the light in the area, hence, whether you are watching something in a room that is either dark or bright, the picture on the screen will be vibrant and clear.
  3. An Active Voice Amplifier – is a spec that listens and searches for any environment sound (like your neighbor mowing their lawn) and then boosts the sound level and quality so that you can hear everything clearly. When the sounds stop, it will return the volume to normal again.
  4. Item Tracking Sound – produces a 3D sound from the content you are viewing. This coupled with the speakers can provide you with a 3D audio adventure. This means that the sound will seem natural and big.
  5. Multi-View – is an interesting feature, one that will allow you to screen what is on your smartphone to your TV. But, you can do so while watching something. The basic idea is that people can browse their social media accounts while, for example, watching a football match.
  6. Real Game Booster – is the title of the “variable refresh rate” that is featured on several models this year. If you are looking forward to the PS5, the TV will enable you to enjoy your games while the TV refreshes itself at the same speed as the console you are using.



As you can see, the four TVs mentioned in this article are quite expensive, however, they do offer some incredible features that will turn your living room into a movie theater. So, now that you know what models you can choose, as well as the meaning of the spec that they might have, do not lose any more time. Instead, think about what model suits your needs best and see your favorite show or movie in a new light.

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