Is WoW Classic Still Worth Playing 2024?

Don’t think that WoW classic is a not worth your time just because it’s been a few years since it was launched. Many are not sure if it is worth playing it today, which is why you can notice various observations and topics. Before you condemn WoW classic, read below how we view this great game. Every experienced player will confirm to you that the game is just as good to play today. Know that the way you have played the game so far will drastically change, because it is an evolutionary step. That applies to the introduction of Season of Mastery, but that’s not all we have for you.



Many experienced players claim that in WoW classic nostalgia is like an addiction. This means that after a while everyone wants to go back to the beginning. So, players feel a kind of nostalgia while playing this game because they have a lot of memories of it. For example, the first guild, MMO, the first time we experienced something, in some zone, etc. This is especially characteristic of players who have been playing for years and have many new memories.
It is enough to go back to the beginning once and they will notice how far they have come, but also what new things have happened when it comes to design and functions. Because of these things, but also many others, we are sure that the old players will return someday because classic is always popular. It’s hard to chat with other people while playing without hearing how the good old days came back.

It is hard?

WoW classic is great precisely because it is not easy to play it at all. You can forget about modern MMO questing systems here, because there are no tutorials in the classic version that will provide you with additional information. Here, you will have to manage on your own at the beginning, but that is exactly what the players like. They like this challenge, because they get information only by reading quests texts and paying attention to detail. Otherwise, things can be very confusing for beginners, but also for those with experience.

Of course, you can always find a guide online as well as various tutorials. You can also communicate with other players to help you get along as well as possible. The difficulty is one of the advantages of the classic version, because the players like this feeling of danger that it provides them. Some will blame many of today’s games for missing this danger. This situation is also useful for the players, because they will learn very quickly from their own mistakes, but also from the mistakes of other players.

WoW classic is slower


This is actually a good feature for many players, because in this version everything takes longer. Whether it’s traveling or visiting the dungeon, it will take you many hours to reach your destination. Keep in mind that cycling is very expensive which means you will probably have to do without it. However, that is what will contribute to a great feeling while playing the game. In that case, you will not reach the highest level so quickly. If you like the idea of ​​escaping the hustle and bustle then this version is the right choice for you. The game is very challenging, leveling requires more grinding but you can always opt for Classic-Boost in case you need help so don’t worry you will not have to spend way too much time.

You may have to travel through the same dungeon many times before you get experience points. Fortunately, there are many skills to choose from so that everything is less complicated and confusing. However, it takes time to learn about it. Items will not be available to you in every corner, and for the better ones you will have to work for hours. For example, you can collect material or go on visits. We can say that it takes a lot of effort in this version, but you will learn a lot.

Communication between players


Anyone who has played this version will tell you that there is a special atmosphere that prevails among the players. You will not encounter this kind of vibration today. So all the players are very close and connected. They will rely on each other, they will communicate much more, but they will also be very happy to help each other. Of course, the reason is also the lack of tutorials and information that you have to get yourself or with the help of other players. However, there is something else. Throughout the game, the players act as one and that is the key. This means that the players will share everything together, the world, adventures, etc. This is very positive behavior, but it is also contagious. Players will play much longer than they would otherwise do because of this. Of course, you people are not positive even though they are focused on each other.

There are also those that are toxic which would be the downside of this connection. Fortunately, the community will eradicate them and that is why it is extra great. If you opt for this game, rest assured that strange things will happen to you that will greatly surprise you. For example, random passers-by can help you with your or a group task, give you free stuff for no reason, and similar things will happen. You will soon feel like part of the community and that is what brings many players back to this version, and they will consider you really lucky because you are playing for the first time.


If you’re still not sure if this version is worth playing, trust us it is. While you’ll encounter many more challenges here, we’re sure you’ll enjoy it more than the lighter versions. It’s not just an opportunity to have a good time but you’ll become a better player. You will also have a lot more information, but you will also understand the essence of this game. Remember that this is where it all started, and many features are unsurpassed.

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