How to Put Together a Great Winter Makeover

Winter is a great time to switch up your look and give your skin some serious nurturing: use the guide below to get Christmas-party ready…and to beat the January blues once the decorations have all been taken down.

Start With Your Skin


The key to pulling off a great look is having glowing skin as a base. Tricky in the colder months, but it’s more achievable than you think! Start with the basics, and make sure you’re using a good moisturizer in the morning and before bed: winter can be a tough time for skin, making it prone to being dry, flaky, and itchy. Avoid creams and lotions containing perfumes; opt for natural or organic ingredients as far as possible.

DIY your skincare routine by using extra virgin olive or coconut oil; both can be applied on the skin and have super smoothing, toning, and nourishing properties. If you’re missing the sun-kissed look, then opt for a moisturizer containing a slight tint: most contain UV protection, too, so you’ll look gorgeous as well as being safe from the Winter sun.

When choosing make-up, opt for cream-based blush, foundation, and eye shadow, rather than their powdered cousins, to further help prevent your skin from drying out. Be sure to always fully remove your make-up at the end of every day: choose a gentle, fragrance-free remover for this, too. Invest in a good quality lip balm, or make your own using beeswax or Candelilla wax if you are Vegan.

Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

Maintaining excellent oral health for a beautiful smile is one of the most important things you can do to help you sparkle this season! Be sure to brush with fluoride toothpaste twice a day and for about two minutes each time; you may want to incorporate mouthwash into your routine, too, to help maintain fresh breath. Flossing or the use of interdental brushes is a great way to achieve a deep clean and further prevent the build-up of plaque that can cause tooth decay.

If you feel conscious about your smile or are aware of staining on your teeth, you could opt for one of the various whitening treatments available. These treatments can involve whitening strips, powders, and special LED lights to make your smile shine. You can read more here about the options offered by Zimba, including the treatment types, durations, and the length of time that users can expect the results to last, as well as the cost associated with each.

Treatment involving the use of LED tends to involve applying whitening gel to the teeth before putting the LED mouthpiece inside the mouth and gently biting down. The mouthpiece then needs to be connected to the USB attachment and then connected to the user’s device. It is usually recommended that the device is worn for at least sixteen minutes a day for fourteen consecutive days and for two to four times a day for best results.

Whitening agents like peroxide open the pores of your tooth’s enamel to lift stains. For some, this process can briefly leave teeth mildly sensitive to hot and cold temperatures after whitening sessions. If you struggle with tooth sensitivity, this might have you raising an eyebrow at whitening options. However, the industry has expanded to accommodate more needs and now offers formulas with lower concentrations of peroxide to decrease sensitivity. Even better, these gentler formulas don’t sacrifice results. These days, you can find great whitening products for sensitive teeth in whitening strips, trays, and LED systems.

Cozy-Chic Coats


Just because you’re bundling up, doesn’t mean you can’t do so in style! Take some time to find the perfect winter coat for you – this is one garment that is going to work hard over the course of a few months.

Peacoats are set to be huge this season and are a fab way to create a stunning, structured silhouette while staying nice and toasty at the same time. To be bang on-trend, choose your coat in what will be 2024’s key shades: electric pinks, light blues, creams, or natural-looking greens.

Blazers are a timeless classic; add a contemporary edge to your look by choosing one in leather, or go for a trenchcoat; select an oversized version for easy style and the ability to layer up underneath if you’re expecting a particularly cold snap this season.

And for the big party? How about a faux fur coat for cozy glam? Scour second-hand and vintage stores to stay sustainable while also making all your coat dreams come true and staying within your Christmas budget!

Care For Your Hair

Just as for the skin, the colder months can be hard on our hair, which becomes more prone to frizziness and dryness…not to mention hat-head. Invest in a good quality moisturizer or serum, and be sure to use a heat protection treatment every single time you use your dryer, straighteners, or tongs. Apply a hair mask at least once a week to give your locks some love; these can easily be made at home.

For an easy banana hair mask, simply blend two overripe bananas, then add a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, a teaspoon of coconut oil, and a tablespoon of honey, and blend again. Smooth the mixture onto damp hair and massage in so that it gets all the way down to your scalp; leave it on for approximately five minutes, rinse it thoroughly off with warm water, and you’re done! As well as leaving your hair smelling gorgeous, the potassium that this mask contains will work wonders for damaged or dry locks; while Vitamin A strengthens the hair follicles, Vitamin E is helpful for a healthy scalp, and Vitamin C regulates the production of hair oil.

This season can be a great time to take the plunge and go for a hair restyle – this is a great way to lift you out of the winter doldrums and update your whole look. Pixie cuts and crops are perfect for Winter, as they can save you from worrying about what’s going on up top if you get caught out in the wind, rain, or snow, and they look super cute worn with a hat, too.

Artful Accessories


Winter offers an opportunity to incorporate some fabulous and fun accessories into your seasonal look: think stylish hats, gloves, scarves, and wrist warmers. Match these items for a put-together, elegant look, or mix-and-match to express your unique style!

When you’re choosing a color for your hat or scarf, choose shades that will compliment your complexion or make your eye color pop. For example, purple or gray will make green eyes pop, while gold, peach, or cream hues will bring out the beautiful tones of blue eyes. For those with cool skin tones, green, purple, blue, and pastel will work best, while fabrics in earthy tones, yellows, oranges, and reds look great against warm skin tones. Those with neutral skin tones can usually wear any shade they fancy!

Winter Is Coming

….and so is your fabulous new style! Embrace the season with cozy coats in the catwalk’s hottest colors, amazing accessories, and, of course, glowing skin. Winter really has never been so beautiful.

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