7 Important Things to Include in Your Garage Makeover Cost

Are you going to renovate your garage? Do you wonder how much it might cost you?

Turning your garage into a more functional building is a smart idea, not only for you to do DIY projects but for your family’s benefit as well. When you turn your boys’ mess into a functional workshop, you’ll help them learn responsibility and give them room to express themselves.

It’s a great idea to start with a garage makeover cost builder. Check out the items below to help you figure out the garage makeover cost that you have to consider.

1. Storage of Lawn and Garden Equipment


It is important to include the cost to store lawn and garden equipment. Pallets are a great way to keep outdoor tools neat and organized while making the most out of limited space. To start, purchase good-quality wooden pallets to use as shelving units and easy-to-access containers.

You’ll also need to factor in time and money for sealing, caulking, and painting to ensure the pallets are properly coated for durability and longevity. Additionally, consider the cost of mounting the pallets to the walls or ceiling, securing the pallets on the ground, and purchasing any accessories like s-hooks or straps to secure the equipment further.

2. Longer-Lasting Light for Garage Door Openers

Many garage door openers come with lights that are not very bright and often burn out quickly. Light bulbs will make accessing your garage easier, faster, and safer. Other features to include in your cost may be motion lighting. Such lighting provides extra visibility into your garage when motion is detected.

This ensures maximum safety and security. Furthermore, additional lighting should also be considered for dimly lit areas inside the garage. A combination of sensor lights, wall lamps, and overhead lights can provide adequate lighting for activities such as searching for tools and supplies or preparing for a project.

3. Epoxy Over Paint


Some important things to consider when budgeting for a garage makeover, specifically when focusing on the floor, include the cost of epoxy over paint. Epoxy over paint is a popular coating for garage floors, providing a glossy, durable finish that protects from stains, chipping, and wear and tear from vehicles, tools, and other equipment.

The cost of epoxy over paint varies depending on the size of the floor, the chosen color and product, and the quality of the materials used. Additional costs may include a concrete curing compound to prepare the surface and an etching product to clean it for optimal adhesion.

The cost of labor should also be taken into account before deciding on epoxy over paint. It is important to ensure that the quality and condition of the materials meet the specific requirements, as this will help to ensure long-term results of the finish. Reach out to a certified contractor to learn more about polyurea in your makeover.

Initial Costs

When planning a garage floor upgrade, epoxy coating, such as the SPF Industrial grade, stands out for its resilience and aesthetic appeal. This type of epoxy is renowned for withstanding the demanding conditions of garage environments while also providing a visually appealing finish. The investment required for epoxy over paint is influenced by several factors. Initially, the area of coverage is a primary cost determinant—larger floors will naturally incur higher material expenses. The selection of hues and the specific SPF Industrial epoxy product also play significant roles in financial planning. Although high-quality epoxy like SPF Industrial may be more costly upfront, it is engineered to offer better longevity and durability, which can lead to cost savings over time due to fewer applications and maintenance requirements,

Preparatory Expenses

To ensure the epoxy adheres properly and lasts, the floor must be correctly prepared. This preparation might necessitate a concrete curing agent to solidify the surface and an etching solution to cleanse and prime it. These steps are crucial for optimal adhesion and finish quality. Skipping on these preparatory materials can lead to subpar results that may not withstand the rigorous demands of a garage environment, leading to potential reapplication costs down the line.

Labor and Installation

The complexity of applying epoxy over paint requires skilled labor, which is a significant portion of the overall cost. Professional application guarantees a seamless and durable finish, safeguarding against peeling and cracking. Labor costs vary by region and contractor; thus, getting multiple quotes can be beneficial. Additionally, consulting with a certified contractor about alternatives like polyurea could provide insights into more cost-effective or superior options for your specific garage makeover needs.

Bullet points on what influences the cost of epoxy over paint:

Floor Size: Larger spaces mean more materials and higher costs.

Color and Product Choice: Premium options come at a premium price.

Material Quality: Higher quality materials can enhance durability.

Surface Preparation: Costs for curing and etching products are essential for proper floor prep.

Labor: Professional installation ensures a lasting finish but adds to the budget.

4. Sheet Metal Magnet Board

Some important things to include in your garage makeover cost are the purchase of materials such as sheet metal and other supplies you may need to complete the project. Additionally, you may also want to factor in the cost of tools, such as drill and cutting tools if you want to purchase a sheet metal magnet board, as these can be rather pricey.

In addition, remember to include the labor costs of a professional, such as those for welding and installation of the sheet metal magnet board and any other components you may need for the project. Finally, make sure to budget for any additional materials, supplies, and tools that you may need in order to complete the project.

5. Sealing Holes


This can include plugging up small holes or gaps to prevent water, insects, and other intrusive materials from entering. It is important to compare the cost of sealing each area to find the best deal while ensuring quality workmanship. It is also important to look into how long the sealant is expected to last, so you don’t have to keep replacing it on a regular basis.

Depending on the size of the project, you may want to hire a professional contractor with the necessary experience and skills to perform the job correctly. Lastly, you need to make sure that the sealant is the right type for your particular makeover.

6. Ceiling Storage Bonanza

This storage option not only offers a great way to get things off the ground but also adds structure and organization to the space. Hire a professional to install the shelving as they are familiar with the materials and skills necessary to complete the work in a timely manner.

When choosing ceiling storage, consider both form and function. Wood shelving and cabinets can be esthetically pleasing and provide a sturdy platform, while metal options are inexpensive and great for all of your heavy-duty needs. Lastly, accessories like baskets and drawers can give you a place to store small items. Taking the time to plan out your budget and consider all of your storage needs will enable you to create a garage makeover that will last for years to come.

7. Outlets


Installing new outlets for power and light will vastly improve the usability of the space and can range from $120-$300 depending on the type of outlet and if electrical wiring is necessary. Make sure to plan ahead so you don’t get any surprise costs.

Consider how many outlets are suitable for the space, research the different types of outlets, check if there’s any existing wiring present, and let the electrician know what type and how many outlets you want. Installing outlets may seem like a small part of a garage makeover, but in the long run, it can go a long way.

Garage Makeover Cost to Consider

Your garage makeover cost should account for items like labor, materials, and tools. Organization systems can help you save yourself money, but they do require an initial investment. Before starting your project, consider the above cost factors to ensure that you have the budget needed to achieve the garage of your dreams.

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