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How to Choose Best Dog Treats for Healthy Teeth

All dog breeds are susceptible to tooth and gum diseases, among other health complications. Since dogs can suffer from periodontal disease, just like humans, it is crucial to choose the best treats from reputable stores like Tail Bangers. While professional brushing and cleanings of the dog’s teeth are a great way to maintain their oral health, the pet’s treats’ right choice reduces plaque by about 70 percent. Both pets and owners find this a convenient and easy way to keep maintain clean teeth.

Though dog treats and diets offer multiple oral benefits, do it cautiously. Complications are likely to occur when dog owners do not spot issues on time. The treatment of teeth complications varies from polish anesthesia to tooth extraction or loss. Plaque builds up on the gums and teeth, resulting in bacteria that enter the bloodstream if left unattended over time. The blood poisoning can spread to many organs and can be fatal to dogs, or lead to other diseases.

Keeping Dog’s Healthy


A suggested by you should brush your pet’s teeth daily to prevent bacteria’s building up, only a fraction of pet parents does it regularly. Dogs do not have their teeth brushed, and even when they comply, it takes a lot of time. In a month, a dog may have their teeth brushed about nine times. While this effort makes a difference, it cannot cushion your pet from health complications as much as you are able to.

Being a pet parent comes with the responsibility to care for our pets, and that often looks like proactive care to prevent future issues. That is true for dental care, and that’s also true for pet insurance. Visit this site to learn more about the importance and benefits of pet insurance. Being proactive will save you a lot of heartaches and financial stress down the road.

Introduce dental care to your pets as early as possible. Finger toothbrushes introduce puppies to the brushing sensation. Also, ask your vet on the best toothpaste to use. Besides brushing, professionals recommend treats and toys to reduce bacteria in the mouth of your dog considerably. While they should not replace regular teeth brushing, make low-fat chewable snacks part of your pet dental routine.

Toys that are hard and chewable can scrape tartar and plaque while the dogs play. You may need to fill the toys with treats to encourage the pets to play with the toys in some cases. Take precautions when choosing chewable toys and read the label well. You will need high ingredients for your canine friend’s teeth.

Hard Foods for the Dog’s Teeth


Food residues accumulate from dental plaque and get stuck between or on the teeth of dogs. When you feed your dog on wet food, it is likely to leave a greasy film over the teeth, making it a right bacteria environment. Hard foods keep the dog frequently chewing, which promotes dental health with the right food choice. Chewing plays a massive role in plaque reduction, making dry foods a preferred choice for many dog owners.

While dry and hard foods may be suitable for your pet’s dental health, be careful about your choice. Some contain a high level of carbohydrates, which are conducive for the breeding of bacteria and plaque. Look at the ingredients carefully before choosing a brand. Go for a well-balanced dog food that meets your pet’s nutritional needs. Dry foods that are rich in antioxidants and proteins are the best as they support your canine companion’s general health.

Dogs feeding on hard kibbles of increasingly large diameters lead to a reduction of tartar as they help clean gums and teeth. A bowl of freshwater as part of the meal routine will help dislodge food particles stuck between your dog’s teeth. Bones, as a treat, are an excellent alternative for kibbles as the abrasive texture helps in the reduction of dental plaque.

Top Tips When Choosing the Right Treats


Dog treats like the ones found here are not only great for canine dental health, but a favorite one plays a huge role in training your pet or encouraging good behavior. The treats are mutually beneficial since, as a dog parent, you feel good about rewarding him, and the pet is happy to please you. This plays a huge role in strengthening the bond between your pet and you.

Here are some key things to consider when choosing the right treats for dogs


  • Keep it healthy: Many treats that dogs love are high in sugars or fats. It is easy to overindulge, leading to weight issues. As a dog owner, keep track of the treats your dog consumes daily. If your dog is overweight, choose low calorie treats, and vice versa. Even for pleasures, strive to feed your dog well-balanced foods that offer dental benefits and added nutrients. In case the dog eats a lot of treats in a day, reduce the calories from the day’s meal to keep a balance.
  • Choose treats specifically for dogs: It is tempting to get typical treats if you have different animals for pets to save on cost. However, when choosing the best treats for your dogs’ healthy teeth, ensure you pick something explicitly formulated for canines. This also prevents possible tummy issues for the dogs.
  • Observe the 10 percent rule: Keep the treats below 10 percent of the dog’s diet. While it is tempting to keep dishing out something to console, comfort, or affirm the pet, hold back. Ensure you do not overdo it.
  • Food first: Before throwing in a treat or two, ensure that your dog has had a nutritionally balanced meal. Teeth are part of the body and eating a well-balanced meal will ensure that you get all the nutrients for proper development of every part of the body.
  • Always check contents and ingredients: Familiarize yourself with the content and components of what you are feeding your pet. This helps to make wise decisions in caring for your pet. In case of doubt or reactions, consult a vet.


There are many dog treats in the market, making it hard for new pet owners to pick the right one. As a thumb rule, work closely with your vet to ensure you feed your pet well. Choosing suitable treats ensures that you not only make your dog happy but promotes dental health. For the general safety of your pet, keep to the established brands that are tried and true.

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