How to Start an Essay – 5 Great Examples

Essays are a creative affair. But the sad part is that it remains a bitter pill for many students. Expression is a natural gift that an individual possesses. Good writers have the advantage of scoring well in essays and assignments.

Special mention needs to be made of teh IVY League essays. They are getting tough with each passing year. You must reach the summit of your ability to crack the difficult test. The IVY league is the door to success.

Are you preparing to get an entry into the IVY league? Then you ought to write it well. IVY or not IVY, the essay must arrest the attention of the readers right from the beginning. No half measures; you have to give your best shot.

One must start with a compelling introduction. Though they write a good body, the essay receives an average impression. Come let us know some of the effective ways to start an essay.

How to Start an Essay


An essay writer’s ultimate objective is to establish a relationship between the writer and the readers. If you do not focus on your introduction, you are going to miss out right from the beginning.

The introduction sets the tone, and you must hit the bull’s eye right in the beginning. It can help you achieve your aim. It is said that the first impression is the last one, which is quite common with essay writing. You need to have fun and work on the introduction. Here we provide a few ways with an example of how to start an essay.

1. Begin with a Quotation

One of the most creative ways to begin an essay is by quotation. The quotation must synchronize with the entire essay. It must have all to increase or elevate the temperament of the essay. Therefore make use of it to arrest the attention from the word go. Let us provide you with an example here.

For instance, if you write an essay on the need for creativity in writing student essays, you can write down the famous line from Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare.

There the character Malvolio cracked a joke. He opined that some are born great. Some achieve greatness, and with others, greatness is thrust upon them. The quotation is apt to describe the situation. You learn about the approach through quality essay writing services like Fresh Essays.

2. Ask a Question


Start your essay with a question. It has the ability to startle the readers right from the beginning. Questions are a great way to establish a rapport between the readers and the essay. They have the ability to hook the attention of the readers.

When you start with a question on the topic, it elevates the level of inquisitiveness of the readers. They consider getting the answer to the question in the subsequent sections. Let us give an example.

For instance, let’s consider you are writing an essay on the prevalence of anxiety and depression in your area. It can help you gather knowledge and input on the topic. As then questions like:

  • Do you experience mood swings regularly?
  • Do you think you lose patience quite early?
  • Do you feel hopeless all the time?

If these tendencies grapple you, you need to consult a doctor.

3. Share a Shocking and Amusing Fact

One of the great ways to begin the essay is by sharing a shocking and amusing fact. Amusing facts are indeed helpful in creating a mood of lightness.

The examiners sometimes get burnt out amidst a high level of information. So if he/she gets to read something highly amusing, it can create a great impression on the essay.

For example, if you are writing an essay on Population density and its ill effects, you can give an amusing example. According to a survey by Statista, around 18.99 million students will be enrolled in U.S.A colleges in 2020. Now there is only an indirect relationship between population and college admissions. It can be amusing.

4. State You Thesis Statement Directly


A thesis statement is the opening of the argument in an essay. Generally, when you write a college essay, you unlock the discussion at the end of your introduction section. This way, you can make a mark in the conscience of the readers.

Now it’s the writer’s responsibility to justify the pathway in the Thesis statement with facts and figures. But how would it be if you began it right in the first line? It can be a very interesting approach to your essay. You put the opening statement and unlock the door to discussion right from the word go. Let’s look at an example here.

The Cold war between the United States and China affected markets globally.

To establish the facts you got, put forth additional information. So you can indeed follow this effective and creative approach to write the introduction of your essay.

5. Pick the Right Tone

The efficacy of the introduction section depends on the tone of the essay. You can use different tones to begin an essay. You have a direct tone, a didactic tone, and or an emotional approach to your essay.

Picking up the tone of the essay. Therefore you need to understand it and work accordingly. This essay’s tone can help hook the writer’s attention right from the beginning. Yes, you can also shift it according to your needs and requirements.

This transition adds color to your writing. For example, you begin with an emotional touch and later shift yourself to a more informative tone according to the need of the heading. An example fits this description.

For instance, you are writing about the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. You can begin with Wilfred Owen against the war.

But later on, you went straight into the diplomatic channels and discussed the matter on the subject. It can help you with an effective start.

Bringing the Discussion to a Close


Essay writing is part and parcel of students’ lives. Therefore you have no choice but to develop your essay. These impeccable introduction tips can help you kick-start your essay and attain the required standards.

A quality introduction is a great way to attest an audience and attention. Follow these above-mentioned steps to start writing an essay with ease.

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