The Color Trends for Fall/Winter 22-23

Color trends are an important part of fashion and style. Color can have a significant effect on our mood. Interior designers use color to suit the function of a room. For example, pale blue in the bedroom offers calm and tranquillity whereas reds and oranges are stimulating and energizing therefore suitable to the kitchen. If color can have this effect on a room, then surely the same can be applied to clothing.

What we choose to wear often showcases our mood. But this season why not dress to improve how you feel. The upcoming season is all about feel good dressing, with bright colors making an appearance on all the catwalks. This season will be bold and fun.

Knowing the trending colours ahead of time makes it easier to plan purchases for the season ahead and work out the ways of incorporating trending colours into our wardrobes. Bear in mind that choosing the colours and shades that best complement the skin tone or make the eye color pop is what will make one feel great regardless of trends.  With that in mind, here is a look at the color trends for Fall/Winter 22-23.

Very Peri


This has been officially named the color of the season by Pantone. It is a beautiful shade of violet. This season we will see plenty of blues, lavender and purple shades. Celebrities have already been spotted sporting the color and there is no doubt that it will soon filter into the fashion stores. The color is thought to signify creativity. What is more creative than fashion?

The color will best suit those with warm and golden undertones or those with cool undertones and blue or green eyes. It would look great in the form of a dress or jumper this season, worn close to the face to bring out the eye color. Wear the color with reds and pick for the perfect color blocking look.



There is no specific shade of green that is trending the most this season, which is great news for fashionistas as everyone will be able to partake in the trend. Every shade of green is popular from olive, to sage, to Kelly green.

Green signifies growth a harmony. If you need a color to offer peacefulness, green is for you.

Deeper shades of green will look fantastic for special evening occasions this season. Lighter shades lend themselves better to more casual relaxed attire. Think a classic trench and straight leg jeans with a sage green shirt, such as one from



It may be the influence of the recently released Barbie movie which has brought this color back to the forefront of fashion. This Fall/Winter, bubble-gum and hot pink are all the rage. It is a fun and positive color signifying femininity and romance.

Plenty of hot pink suits were seen at recent catwalk shows. For those who don’t feel brave enough to wear an entire bright pink ensemble, then it is a great option for accessorises like shoes and handbags. It perfectly complements yellow, cyan blue, white and black.



Orange is always a popular colour for fall. Again, there are several shades of orange on trend for the months ahead. Bright and bold orange, as well as rust and pumpkin colors with brown undertones will be available. Therefore, there is sure to be a variety to suit all. Orange signifies joy and enthusiasm, so it will brighten up any dull winter morning.



Two shades of yellow in the spotlight for later this year are bright sunshine yellow and mustard. Similar to the orange shades above, these yellow tones are typical of autumn dressing.

As a color, yellow symbolizes happiness and energy. Warm blondes can really pull off the brighter shades, while mustard suits a wide range of skin tones. The darker shade would pair wonderfully with greens and teal.



Red is a timeless color that is always fashionable. For the upcoming season strong warm shades with a likeness to fiery hot lava identified as the stand out trending red.

Red stirs emotions such as love and anger. This year’s favoured shades are more suited to warm toned women but that no reason to forego the style, instead cool toned women should opt for reds with a blue undertone.

On the runways red was seen in a variety of textures, such as leather, wool, chiffon and feathers. It will not be unusual to see an entire red ensemble this fall/winter.

But it a simple color to bring into any wardrobe. For a more wearable outfit and to soften up the look, pair with soft neutrals such as white and grey for a brighter look. Avoid pairing red with black as this will appear dated.



It will be a relief to many who invested in the trend last year that grey will still feature strongly this fall too. Tones of dark stone and a softer pebble will be popular. Instead of teaming the color with yellow, this time around designers sent all grey looks down the catwalks. Whilst it may seem like a basic color but when several shades are layered together it can look very chic.

This season it is all most layering several textures, such as a soft knit with an edgy puffer coat or a wool blazer made of quality yarn from over a metallic sweater.

These shades of great can look great on everyone, but if fair skinned it may be a good idea keep a crisp white closest to the face to avoid looking washed out.



For those who are not fans of strong statement colors then fear not, black still features strongly and there are plenty of neural tones on trend for the cooler months too.

Shades of camel and caramel are here to stay and are mostly featuring on blazers, coats and pants.

Cream and ivory are around too, particularly when it comes to accessories and shoes.

While there will always be a place for black in our wardrobes, this time designers have displayed deep navy and teal blue as an alternative to black.

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