Which Animals Bring Good Luck?

If you’re a fan of slot games, then you probably believe in superstitions like the concept of “Good Luck.” Sure, it’s a powerful concept celebrated across multiple cultures from the east to the west.

From four-leaf clovers to bird poop falling on your jacket, there’s a range of symbols – and animals that signify good fortune.

In this post, we’ll look at which animals bring good luck, as claimed by casino robots.

1. Dragon

This mystical and mythical animal has roots in Japanese and Chinese culture. It’s a symbol of power and nobility, and the Chinese version also symbolizes good luck.

It’s for this reason that many people choose the dragon as a favorite tattoo symbol. Dragons also feature on some Asian-themed slot games at online casinos.

2. Dragon Turtle

This feng shui animal symbol is a combination of the dragon and the turtle. We already discussed the dragon symbol’s power and influence, and the turtle is a perfect compliment.

There is plenty of artwork displaying the head of a dragon on the body of a turtle. In feng shui, this symbol brings good fortune and stability to your household.

The dragon’s open mouth will often feature a coin from a successful Chinese dynasty. The symbol often appears in the southeast corner of buildings to attract wealth and luck to the household.

3. Bat

The bat is another Chinese cultural symbol that supposedly brings prosperity into your life. It s a great character for curing financial woes, and it’s common on many Asian slots games.

The bat also has a legacy in Feng Shui, where it is a wealth symbol.

The southeast sector of your home is the supposed “wealth” area. Set any symbols or artwork of rats in this area of your home to attract wealth into your life.

4. Crane


The crane is a Chinese symbol of longevity and persistence. It’s an important bird that attracts health and wealth into your life. It’s an important symbol to bring your life good luck, especially during a pandemic era.

5. Deer

The deer is a symbol of grace and abundance. It’s a popular symbol in northern Europe in the Scandinavian countries, presenting virility, power, and wealth. Most deer symbols feature stags with large antlers.

6. Dog

The dog is a symbol of loyalty, and it’s a Chinese astrological animal sign offering justice and protection. That’s important for when you sit down at the tables and start playing games.

The dog has persistence in the face of adversity, and it’s a symbol that gets you through those long runs between wins.

7. Elephant


The elephant is a symbol of strength and luck, and it’s a sacred animal to the Hindu people in India. The elephant also has feng shui definitions, accounting for fertility, prosperity, and intelligence – the elephant can tell you when it’s time to call it a day and walk away from the tables or slots.

8. Fu Dogs

Otherwise known as “Lion dogs,” Fu dogs always come in pairs, and it’s common to see them sitting outside entrances to buildings, protecting them from bad luck. You can set them up at any entrance around the home for good luck. Fu dogs are also popular design elements in many Asian-themed slot games.

The Fu dogs represent the yin and yang, with the male dog having his paw resting on a ball, while the female has a cub under hers.

9. Koi

The koi, otherwise known as the carp, Is a symbol of perseverance during a hardship test. The koi is another popular design element used in Asian-themed slot games at your favorite online casino.

The legend has it that the koi jumped through the dragon’s gate to transform into the mighty dragon. It’s a symbol of rebirth and success and a good luck symbol for the casino.

10. Horse


The horse is a symbol of power and prosperity, and it has a function in feng shui as a symbol of success, energy, and strength. The horse is a popular symbol for delivering success and victory.

There are plenty of horse-themed slots available at online casinos in a variety of countries. The horse in the galloping pose symbolizes victory, with the horse moving you towards your goal.

11. Lucky Cat

The lucky cat is another popular symbol across Asian culture. This symbol involves a sitting cat, with its right paw waving in the air.

Also known as “Maneki-Neko,” this feng shui symbol comes from Japan, but it’s popular in countries across Asia and the Western world.

People believe the lucky cat symbol offer protection from financial loss, and that important when you’re sitting at the slots. Many businesses place the lucky cat near the cash register to bring good fortune during the sales day.

12. Monkey

The monkey is another Chinese astrology sign that symbolizes intelligence, innovation, and cunning. The monkey’s mischievous nature gets it into trouble, but its sense of humor allows it to talk its way out of problems.

In feng shui, the monkey is often riding the back of an elephant, tiger, or powerful animal. The combinations of these animal symbols enhance the good fortune in your life.

13. Mandarin Duck


The Mandarin duck is a traditional Chinese symbol of prosperity and wealth, and a pair of ducks represent a happy marriage. The duck offers you good luck in your relationships.
Couples can place a pair of ducks in the south corner of the room to balance healing energies in the relationship.

14. Rhinoceros

The blue rhino is a feng shui symbol of protection. The blue rhino chases away thieves and burglars from your home, protecting you from misfortune.

It’s a powerful symbol that also incorporates the monkey to add intelligence to the rhino’s powerful presence. Some people place it at the entrance to their home to ward off danger.

15. Rat

Our last symbol in this list is the rat. The rat is a powerful symbol of cunning and leadership. It represents concepts needed to amass wealth and good fortune for you and your family. It’s important to point out that 2024 is the year of the rat – how is it for you this year? Is the rat lucky?

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