7 Ways to Improve Your Cars Appearance on a Budget – 2024 Guide

Many times we have heard some people say I am going to “tune” my car. This word is derived from “tuning,” which means adjustment, and consists of modifications both in performance (example: increased power) and in the “look” (example: wider rims).

Whoever loves his car, it must have occurred to him at some time to put some accessory on it so that the car looks more “tuned” and denotes a difference compared to the standard model. Also, in some way, it is like putting your stamp on the car.

Over the years, this practice has been increasing thanks to many of the movies that show us super tuned cars, very sporty looks, and fast cars. However, not everything you see in the films can be installed, and you have to be very careful not to spoil the aesthetics.

You have to know that the culture of “tuning” doesn’t have to be expensive and require substantial investments of money. The most significant investment is, actually, your car engine. Some people take it as a hobby and gradually build their cars.

The following is a list of some accessories to improve your car’s appearance:

1. Cheap registration plates


Registration plates are mandatory. And when they deteriorate or lose visibility, we must change them, or we may be fined. Luckily, they can be purchased online for a decent amount of money. Also, you can personalize them as you wish. to know more click here.

There are several models of car registration plates in the market, but people usually decide between metallic or acrylic plates. Both serve its purpose, and it is only up to you to choose the material of your preference. If you want to know where you can get cheap registration plates, visit and have one less thing to worry about!

2. Headlights


The “eyes” of the vehicle are both the headlight model and the color of the light. They are the key to giving it a more sporty and aggressive look. While some adaptations can be made to the original headlights, most commercial car models already sell their headlight types.

However, we must not forget that its primary function is to light the way. That is why, when making a change, we have to check that everything works like the original.

One of the most popular headlight models may be the “angel eyes” that have an approximate price of S / .1000 depending on the vehicle model. Also, you can change the bulbs for ones with HID or LED technology ranging from S /. 150 to approximately $/. 600. On the other hand, you can darken the headlights with a “smokey” look.

3. Hoops


Generally, what people usually do is to place larger rings so that the rim profile looks lower. Still, we must be careful since it could affect different parts of the body of the vehicle. Continue reading this article and think twice before buying wider tires.

A set of 4 rings could start from $/2,400 to several thousand more depending on the brand, size, and material. An acceptable brand of hoops costs from a thousand dollars by a hoop. As we have already said, it’s all up to you and your budget.

4. Rear spoiler


It is an accessory, also called a spoiler, which is generally made of fiber that is placed in the tail part of the car. As the primary function, it allows the vehicle to have less friction against the air and become more aerodynamic.

In our country, it is seen more like a merely decorative accessory. That is why if we are going to place this element, we have to be careful so that it does not lose the aesthetic harmony of the car. We also should not forget the factors described above.

An original fiberglass spoiler (which is from the same brand as the car) may be costing from up to $/500 and more. However, with a low budget, you can get it cheaper in some fiberglass shops in the district that is closest to you.

5. Stereo


Although it is not an external modification, it is something very essential since we spend a lot of time in the cabin and it is where we must feel very comfortable.

Having good audio does not only depend on having a good radio but also on other accessories. One of those is the amplifier (to increase the depth and realism of the music), the speakers (they allow a clean output of the sound depending on the quality of it) or subwoofer (to accentuate bass sounds), these are roughly elements since each one can have different models.

A good sound system can cost from $/1,500 and more, depending on the brand and quality of the products.

6. Car Skirts


Made of fiber and placed in the back, front, and on the sides of the car; It is one of the favorite elements par excellence of any fan of “tuning.” However, it gives you an effect of the car glued to the floor and a very sporty look.

Keep in mind that the skirt model should fit aesthetically to your car. Otherwise, it will look awful.

Also, there are universal car skirts that can fit any car model – the so-called “Body-kit.” You can find them from $/2,000 depending a lot on the model of your car.

These are the essential modifications that we can find, and it is up to you to build your style little by little until you achieve your goal and give your vehicle its seal.

7. Fashionable LED daytime running lights


Perhaps because they attract attention and also because new cars (they have to be fitted as standard, although they may be halogen) have made them fashionable, LED daytime running lights have been popular for some time.

You can buy them in specialized stores and even assemble them on your own. For this, it must be verified that they are at a maximum height from the ground of 1,500 mm and a minimum of 250 mm. In turn, the separation between them must be 600 mm and also 400 mm from the side of the vehicle.

We hope that this article was more than useful to you and that you will enjoy the new look of your car very soon!

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