The best music for Christmas

Christmas parties are here, December is a month to enjoy many emotions with your friends and family. Classic Christmas songs are heard at all parties. The best thing about Christmas is to get together the families and dear friends who may be away for a long time, the lunches and dinners that mothers and grandmothers make are an excellent claim to bring everyone together, and what better time to put Christmas songs and be by a fire in the fireplace inside the house. Next, we will show you the best Christmas songs to share with your loved ones.

Let it, Snow

This song has been sung by a variety of artists. This song will make you enjoy those cold nights since you will want to light a good fire or put yourself next to a stove and be with your loved ones.

All I Want for Christmas is you

It is a song by the international singer Mariah Carey. Many people may not just sympathize with this singer, but we must not take credit for this incredible song performed with her. It is a melancholic song but it fits a lot with these Christmas days. Check out some of top Christmas gifts 2019.

Merry Christmas

A classic that could not be missing in this list of Christmas songs. It’s a lifelong song sung by José Feliciano, this song is perfect to cheer you up and enjoy dancing with the little ones in the house.

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With my sabanero burrito 2011

Another fun song and quite different from the others is this. It is a song with which you can laugh and dance a good time with your family and especially with the little ones in the house.

Chrismas Lights

This Christmas Lights by Coldplay is not a typical Christmas song, but it is so good that we could not despise it!!

Another Rock ‘n Roll Christmas

If you think that all these songs are not for you because of you like Heavy Metal more, do not worry because this song is perfect for you! It’s a song by the Iron Maiden and its Christmas, but don’t put your grandma on while you’re eating the typical dishes of your house.

In Christmas

It has already become an indispensable song for Christmas. This song by Rosana gives a lot of strength to be able to spend those long family days, it is a song that no matter how much you put it will not tire you and get you to go with a smile all day.

Shake up Christmas

Many of you may not agree that this song has to be on this list since it is the Christmas song by Coca-Cola, but we have to admit that it is a good song and that it always comes to mind the ads Christmas made by Coca-Cola.

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