How to Make Webcam Look Better – 2021 Guide

The quality of a video transmitted via a webcam depends on the features and the general environment that a webcam is subjected to. However, it is difficult to find the most advanced webcam to use and therefore, most people opt to use the normal cheap ones that do exist. To test the quality of your webcam, you can use devicetests.com. In this regard, it is advisable to make some settings on that webcam you decide to use to ensure that you feed your computer with quality videos as a result. Here are some of the ways on how to make webcam look better.



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You can resolve to adjust the settings of your webcam but the task might be a bit difficult. This is due to the restrictions that are attached to the webcam in terms of adjustments. The PCs and computers with windows have preinstalled apps that could be used to make the changes on the settings but with the limitation it might be difficult.
Despite managing to make the changes, there can be some impacts on the final videos or pictures that the webcam transmits Webcams that are installed to PCs for the first time have their defaults as either 720p or 1080p. this is always the highest resolutions that are displayed on the product box. These resolutions should be accompanied by the maximum achievable frame per second FPS which is of great importance than the resolution that exceeds 720 due to the fact that it affects the smoothness of the final video.

However, this is a bit different for Mac users since there is no preinstalled apps that could be used to change the settings. To achieve it, one can download programs that can do the changes with ease. For some advanced webcams, they came with their own software that facilitate the changes. These includes webcams such as Logitech which have the Logitech Capture software, AverMedia which have the CamEngine, and the Razer webcam which have the Synapse software. This software allows for changes in contrast, brightness, and hue.


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By ensuring that your webcam has enough light, it makes the picture or video that is captured to be much visible. This can be done by using the normal sunlight which is possible when working with your PC during the day. This is done by positioning the computer near the window where you are the webcam can have enough light to capture your picture or video. However, if you are working with the webcam during the night or in dark place, you can resolve to put artificial light sources on the sides of the webcam and you or the picture you want to capture. It is advisable to avoid using overhead artificial lights for it creates white-out effects. Also using a single source of light is prohibited due to the effects of white-out. Handling the effects of bright light can be done by placing white materials in front of the source or painting the walls of the room whit white paints.

To get the best result on the amount of light, you can go for the studio lighting. This is only possible when you have enough cash.


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Whatever is happening at your back while taking a photo is very crucial. Despite the advice of sitting in front of a window, you should ensure that there is no other light supply from your back. This shall enable the webcam to concentrate on your as its only focal subject. In case another source from the back is detected, the webcam sensor shall be thrown off. Therefore, it is always advisable that there is one source of light and it should strictly come from your front side and not your back.

Also, you should ensure that you have your laptop or computer placed with the webcam on a firm object such as table. You cannot expect the webcam to make a clear capture of the intended object when either the webcam or the object is on a motion. This is to ensure that you maintain an firm eye contact with the webcam so that it captures a clear picture of you without having to make it struggle to do the capturing.

In addition, you should try to avoid unnecessary movement behind the focal subject in order to ensure that the webcam sensor concentrates on the desired object. Any object that appears in front of the webcam sensor makes the sensor to concentrate on it as it tries to capture its image.


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Achieving the best video type through webcam is the desire of everyone. This can be done by ensuring that the audio being used while taking the video is the best regardless of the place the video is taken.

In a situation that you might be on a call, trying to use a speaker shall render the attempts of the microphone capturing the sound effortless. The sounds that shall be produced shall have echoes which are not pleasing. Owing to the fact that most webcams don’t possess the inbuilt microphones, it makes it hard to capture clear sounds. This leads to production of poor-quality videos that shall be captured by the webcam.

To solve this issue, you can go for the headset with inbuilt microphones or discreet wireless earbuds for the production of professional videos.


A webcam makes the capturing of pictures or videos much easy. This should be accompanied by focusing much on the quality of the pictures or videos. To achieve this, the webcam should be given the best setups it deserves. By following these steps on how to make webcam look better, you can achieve the best quality videos with confidence.

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