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World Towel Day May 25

Today we will tell you today is national what day.  On May 25 World Towel Day is celebrated. The editor of this page is obliged to acknowledge that he has not read this cult book by Douglas Adams . The “guide of the intergalactic traveler” must in principle allow tourists not to die during their trip. The book says “do not Panic” and it must be made clear that the universe of H2G2 is particularly strange.

World Towel Day May 25

World Towel Day May 25

Originally, it was a radio drama whose story, devised by Douglas Adams, was later published as novels (a “trilogy in five volumes” according to the author himself).

Crazy, strange, completely crazy (on the planet of the evil Vogons, anyone who thinks will be struck by a fly swatter coming from the ground) see prophetic, we are faced with a real gem of English humor.

To pay tribute to H2G2 , the World Napkin Day invites everyone to walk around with a towel (indispensable according to the guide) and to answer equipped with all the existential questions that go through the head. We’ll look smart .

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