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World Pi Day March 14

We are going to share today is what national day?  To understand this day, we must remember its Anglo-Saxon origin: the “Pi-day”. The dates in English are read “upside down” (is not it?) And the 14th of March becomes 03/14, or about 3.14.

World Pi Day March 14

World Pi Day March 14


It did not take more than for facetious mathematicians to have the idea of ​​celebrating the number PI precisely on this day!

The day of the Mathews

The day consecrated to the number pi gives an opportunity for mathematicians from all walks of life and other lovers of science to declare their love to the number pi. As everyone knows (or does not know!), The number pi represents the ratio between the circumference of a circle and its diameter.

Are you still following?

3.14 is generally taught as the approximate value of pi, and this is often sufficient for calculations. The good students strive to retain 3.141592. But since Pi is an irrational number, the decimals do not stop there and will never end up repeating itself.

Knowing the most figures after the comma is the subject of competitions, and computers are now able to calculate more than 12 trillion (in 2013). We even think that we can find any sequence of numbers in these decimals.

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