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World Photography Day August 19

We are going to share today is what national day? In recent years, the website World Photography Day proposes to celebrate the world day of photography. The choice of this date owes nothing to chance since it coincides with the “official” invention of photography.

World Photography Day August 19

World Photography Day August 19

A gift to the free world

It is with these words that the French government of the time, August 19, 1839, celebrated this invention which was then only four years old. We owe it to the French inventor Louis Daguerre * of … Daguerreotype (so much to do!). Since then, photography has made its way, becoming the privileged tool of historical testimony, journalism, discovery, etc.

An original initiative

If at 18 hours 39 you do nothing that day, you can join the initiative launched in 2013 by the forum Pose Sharing, which suggested everyone to realize his shot at this time.

* It is necessary to take a step back from this title of inventor because the story of the invention of photography goes back a little before, with the work of Nicéphore Niepce which, it seems, was the real inventor of the process, a few years before Daguerre took it.

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