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World Migratory Fish Day May 21

Today we will tell you today is national what day. Sometimes the title of a World Migratory Fish makes you smile and you sometimes have to go back to it twice to better understand the issues.

World Migratory Fish Day May 21

World Migratory Fish Day May 21

Migratory fish

Several species of fish are said to be “migratory” (if you are knowledgeable you can also say “amphihalines”, it’s the same thing!) Because they need to realize part of their life cycle in freshwater rivers. on the one hand and in the sea on the other.

Most of these species have been in continuous decline for several decades.

The scientific community has alerted opinions on these issues and several countries have put plans in place to stop this decline.

This is the case of France, which has a “national strategy” for managing migratory fish. This action is led by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development .

World fish migration day

At the international level, no less than 1000 associations work around the world and propose actions to combat the rarefaction of migratory fish species. The website dedicated to the day makes it possible to record the local events organized for this occasion.

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