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World Kite Day August 16

We are going to share today is what national day? Still hoping that you are not at your computer but on the beach with your kite, we wish you all an excellent World Kite Day.

World Kite Day August 16

World Kite Day August 16

This day aims, according to its promoters, to discover the kite (of course, before we did not know the kite, but that was before!) And share the art of manufacturing and handling the kite with the greatest number.

The important thing is to participate

Events are held around the world and the site dedicated to this day offers an interactive map where you can find near your place of residence (or vacation).

A little history

The word kite first, which will not fail to intrigue the most observant who know well that deer do not fly in reality the word comes from “serp-flying” in which we find a old form of the snake. That said, snakes do not fly either, but it does not matter, the imagination takes care of the rest.

He came to us from China, probably around the 4th century BC. The sources that mention it are however not precise enough to have strong certainties in the matter. Today, kites still arrive from China and if they delight the children of our countries, it is not necessarily the case for those who make them.

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