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World Kidney Day March 09

Today we will tell you today is national what day.  World Kidney Day to raise awareness among the general public launched at the initiative of the International Society of Nephrology, World Kidney Day is timely to raise public awareness of the importance of kidney disease, silent affections whose late diagnosis multiplies the consequences. Often, many of them are only detected at the terminal stage, and in this case dialysis or transplantation is mandatory.

World Kidney Day March 09

World Kidney Day March 09

Our current lifestyles, unbalanced diet, physical inactivity, are aggravating factors and the increase in the number of patients suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure, “mechanically” leads to an increase in cases of renal insufficiency.

Protecting your kidneys is saving your heart

Every year, a new theme is chosen. In 2011, the theme chosen for the 6th World Kidney Day was aimed at raising awareness of kidney disease / heart disease. In 2013, attention was focused on acute renal failure.

In 2016, the choice was made on a very voluntarism theme:

“Taking care of one’s kidneys is the health of tomorrow”

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