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World Judo Day October 29

Today we will tell you today is national what day. Since 2011, the International Judo Federation has launched World Judo Day or, in English, World Judo Day. This day takes place every October 28th.

World Judo Day October 29

World Judo Day October 29

Each day is marked by a particular theme. In 2011, for the first edition, it was a matter of insisting on the respect in practice of this sport.

In 2012, the chosen theme is Judo for all : as IFJ President Marius Vizer says, ” No matter where you come from, your social situation, your sex, your physical abilities or mental, everyone can ride on a mat with equal chances and without any difference of consideration . ”

Do you know Jigoro Kano?

You guessed it, Master Jigoro Kano (1860 – 1938) was the creator of judo in 1882.

After learning a few rudiments of jujitsu in his childhood to resist the bullying of physically stronger comrades, he founded the Kodokan in 1882, at the age of only 22, teaching the “Way” based on the principles of modern sports.

He thus develops the first modern martial art whose objective is no longer to fight victoriously but to raise man to serve humanity.

Kano adapts the Ju-jitsu to the new era. His vocation was to put, quickly and well, an attacker out of harm. Kano transforms it into a means of educating the body and the mind. He renames his discipline in Ju-do (the path of suppleness), and thus founds what will become modern judo.

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