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World Day without plastic bags July 03

We are going to share today is what national day? The pollution caused by the proliferation of plastic bags and – especially – by their abandonment with the winds and currents, threatens many animal species so decided to World Day without plastic bags to stop this. Whoever has never heard of the “eighth continent” will have trouble figuring out the extent of the damage done to nature by this source of pollution.

World Day without plastic bags July 03

World Day without plastic bags July 03

The National Waste Information Center has on many occasions drawn the public’s attention to the need for a profound change in our consumption habits. It is no longer a question of producing more recyclable waste, but rather of producing less waste overall and otherwise managing existing waste.

Between 1960 and 2000, the tonnage of garbage produced doubled

The crusade against the use of plastic bags symbolically enters into this logic of waste reduction. Plastic bags have the double disadvantage of being very little biodegradable and dispersing very easily with the winds and currents. They could easily be replaced by reusable and recyclable bags, or even by paper packaging even if they are not a panacea.

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