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World Day without Pants January 13

Today we will tell you today is national what day. We agree, World Day without Pants is a day that does not shine by his interest and, dare the word, it is even completely silly. But as the World Days website has set itself the goal of counting the maximum number of days celebrated in many countries of the world, we mention it all the same.

World Day without Pants January 13

World Day without Pants January 13

In 2013, the “movement” was followed in:

– 59 cities

– 27 countries

It was the eleventh edition of the event, which was initiated by the New York group Improve Everywhere , a group that attracted attention by organizing “flash mob humoristiques”.

Day with variable date

The difficulty with this non-event is the choice in the date … indeed, in 2017, the New Yorkers had chosen Sunday, January 8. Wikipedia announces on its side the 1 st Friday of the month of May. To believe that drafts on the legs have spread to the neurons!

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