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World Day of Verneuil’s disease June 06

Today we will tell you today is national what day. The least that can be said about Verneuil’s disease  on World Day of Verneuil’s disease is that it is totally unknown to the general public. It is one of those many chronic diseases for which there is still no treatment even though they are very debilitating for people who have it.

World Day of Verneuil's disease June 06

World Day of Verneuil’s disease June 06

The World Day was initiated in 2012 by the AFRH, the French association for research on hidrosadenitis, the other name for Verneuil’s disease. It meets for the moment a relatively weak echo with the media and the public but it is the small streams which make the big rivers …

Discover Verneuil’s disease

Unsightly skin disease, it is most often manifested by painful and suppurate raised cupboards. Difficult to diagnose, it is difficult to detect by general practitioners and misses some existing backup treatments.

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