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World Day of Pillow Battles April 02

Today we will tell you today is national what day. When we heard about World Day of Pillow Battles, at first we thought it was a gag. Then, looking for references on the net, we realized that it was celebrated since 2009.

World Day of Pillow Battles April 02 

World Day of Pillow Battles April 02

Pillow flight day

It is only Anglo-Saxon to invent such events and we will name it of its original term. The principle is simple, every first Saturday of April, find yourself in town with your friends and participate in organized pillow battles. This movement is due to a group whose stated goal is to organize fun events in the cities, the Urban Playground Movement.

Many cities have already organized giant battles, such as Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, New York, London, Hong Kong, Toronto, Seattle, but also Paris.

World record

It’s a great opportunity to set new world records each year. For the moment, the world record is held by Brookings in the southern United States. In fact, no fewer than 4,200 people took part in a giant battle during the 2015 edition.

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