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World Day of Happiness March 20

Today we will tell you today is national what day.  Take a “normal” day, without war, without catastrophe, without any rape, without factory closing, without expulsion … it’s good, you found it? you just have to create the International Day of Happiness.

World Day of Happiness March 20

Presented like that, it’s almost funny. What is less so is that this day exists and that it was decreed by the UN unanimously of the member countries. Better, neither Russia nor China have exercised their right of veto.

World Day of Happiness March 20

An alibi day?

The resolution of the UN General Assembly is explicit, it invites each member-state to celebrate the Day as it should be, particularly in the framework of educational initiatives and awareness-raising activities.

For good measure the august assembly associates with this approach the various United Nations organizations, all the international and regional organizations as well as the civil society.

A fundamental goal of the human being

We could have talked about gadget day too … but that is far from the case and the UN Secretary General’s statement is explicit:

The world needs a new economic paradigm that recognizes parity among the three pillars of sustainable development. Social, economic and environmental well-being are inseparable. Together, they define world gross happiness.

The World Day of Happiness is well in tune with the times and looking for a “better life”. Economists are now seeking to develop new measurement tools to better take into account the importance of happiness for development in order to guide national policies.

This brings us to the real purpose of this day: the realization by governments that economic growth alone is no longer enough to ensure the “happiness” of a country and that a more equitable, balanced and sustainable development would better eradicate poverty and ensure the well-being of all peoples.

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