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World Day for Standardization October 14

Today we will tell you today is national what day. On 14 October each year, the International Standardization Organization (IO), the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) convene the World Day for Standardization October. This day has been celebrated since 1970. World Day for Standardization October is a matter of marking the work of standards development and their importance.

World Day for Standardization October 14

World Day for Standardization October 14

Indeed, without a common international standard, established and recognized, there is no possible exchange, whatever the field: computing, information and telecommunication technologies (ICT) or the vast non-electronic domain food, services, energy, transport, etc.).

For ICT, information produced by software or computer networks, standards are the basis for interconnections and exchanges. And therefore interoperability . This is included in the texts circulated on the occasion (press release and message from the presidents).

It is also necessary that these standards are open standards, which is not only wish, but that is the safest and the most powerful way, illustrated by the global Internet, which is the party through W3C ‘s 10 years of open standards.

Very free interpretation of this day: If you read this text thanks to a browser produced by a famous American firm whose boss is called Bill, this day is a day of mourning!

A new theme every year

  • 2005: Standards for a safer world.
  • 2007: Standards for Citizens: A Contribution to Society.
  • 2008: Intelligent Buildings and Sustainable Development.
  • 2009: Act on climate change through standards.
  • 2010: Standards for a world accessible to all.

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