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World Breastfeeding Day March 29

Today we will tell you today is national what day. In the past, World Breastfeeding Day was natural and innate. Today, breastfeeding is a contentious issue in our societies. Should one look for the cause of this evolution in the campaigns of promotion of the infant formula milk of the big industrialists? or in the struggles of some feminists in need of recognition? It is not our purpose to answer these questions here.

World Breastfeeding Day March 29

World Breastfeeding Day March 29

The International Breastfeeding Day is a way to publicize the subject and, above all, to remind women (and men too) of the benefits of breastfeeding in terms of health for the infant.

Associate the professionals

This day of breastfeeding is marked by high level conferences, aimed at health professionals. It reflects a passion shared by scientists, health professionals and breastfeeding support associations.

In some countries there are also weeks dedicated to breastfeeding. This is the case in the French Community of Belgium, where it is scheduled for early October. In other countries, it takes place at the beginning of August. Decidedly, we do not know where to go!

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