5 Easy Ways To Tell If Your Child Is Gifted

When it comes to your child’s education, it is very important to pay attention to some signs that might indicate its capabilities. The key is never to force it too much and help it build some good habits that will provide the kid with the ability to learn and develop different skills from an early age. When certain challenges are seen in education, it is crucial to find the right approach to help the child improve their learning capabilities.

On the other side, the situation with gifted kids can be even more complex. This feature is related to people with an intelligence rate of over 130. This rate means that a person can easily learn and memorize different things. Also, it can be more creative and have excellent results in areas like music, art, writing, and more.

Therefore, finding the area where your child is gifted is the best way to provide it with guidelines and the right support to maximize the results of having certain outstanding abilities. One of the most popular ways to check its capabilities is a special test, and you can check more about it at There are some other methods as well, and here are some of the easiest ways to spot the signs of giftedness.

1. Signs of Faster Development

This is especially related to kids that are 3 or 4. That is the time when they are learning all of the basics. However, it is still early to let it learn to read and write, and most of the educational content should have an entertaining note. Still, if you notice that your kid is stepping up from the crowd by showing some outstanding skills and knowledge that is a clear sign that he is gifted. For example, learning to read and write by the age of 4.

Also, you should check out the lectures that your kid will learn in the standard elementary school system. If you think that he should take advanced classes, there are additional tests available. Besides that, it is not a rare case that schools have special groups formed for gifted kids.

2. Expressing Interest in Some Area

This is something that you should not ignore. It can be related to art, music, sport, science, and many other things. Providing the kid with the right support from an early age will help you find the right area where it is gifted, and that will improve the chances for the right development and best results.

For example, showing excellent results in drawing might mean that the kid is talented in art, and you should get the right equipment or even assign him to some classes where he can start learning more about this area. The same is for sports. A lot of professional athletes started practicing as little kids. Some of the best examples are Lionel Messi, Novak Djokovic, and many other popular names in the sports industry.

3. Asking a Lot of Questions and Learning All the Time


While it is common for kids to be interested in video games and other sorts of entertainment most of the time, you should never ignore the situation where the child is showing interest in some other areas and constantly looking to find more information. It does not have to be directly related to a particular area as well since the kid simply wants to learn more about various things.

Even if you are not sure about the specific area where it is gifted more, providing it with the right materials will help you to determine that at one point. Having a basic knowledge and building some skills before even starting elementary school is an excellent step to having a successful career in some areas. Focusing on overall knowledge in various areas is a great first step.

4. Showing a Higher Level of Maturity


The approach to communication can be very important as well. If your child is not interested in typical topics like other kids of the same age, pay attention to treat him in the right way. There will still be enough room for entertainment and spending time with other kids, but you should find a way to communicate in the right way and provide things that he is interested in.

For example, you can watch documentaries together, read books, and visit interesting places like museums, observatories, and more. The biggest mistake you can make is not being aware that it is gifted and more mature when compared to his generation, and therefore, keeping to act like it is a small kid only interested in entertainment.

5. Expressing Independence

We all know that parents can be over-protective and always worrying about the safety of their kids, and that is a good thing. However, it might have some negative results if your intentions to protect the child are leading you to become too strict.

If your gifted kid is showing levels of maturity and independence, you should try to find a way to allow him some things while keeping them safe at the same time. It can be related to all kinds of things. For example, letting the kid complete some assignments that are usually your work, like going to buy groceries, preparing breakfast, and more. The main advantage is that you will build much better relations between you and your child by letting him know that you are aware of his capabilities. It can be an excellent motivation as well.

The Bottom Line

The key is to never use too much pressure on your child when he starts showing more interest in some areas. For example, if you think that he would be a great athlete, forcing him to train every day and putting more effort into training that the kid might lead to negative effects.

Instead of that, focus on discovering the talents and providing the right environment for development where the kid will be independent and out of pressure. That is the best way for reaching the best results.

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