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The Most Popular Coffee in the USA

Coffee is the second favorite beverage of people worldwide, behind the water. For most of us, having a good morning with a cup of coffee is irreplaceable. However, the culture of drinking coffee has many versions, and almost every country has its unique style of preparing this energizing beverage. Many variations in taste are related to the sort of beans that we are using, and there are many sorts of coffee beans. We can say that the choice of the perfect sort is more personal, but there are two most popular ones, Arabica and Robusta, which are popular in almost every part of the world.

Besides the selection of the ground beans, the method of brewing coffee is also crucial for its taste. The usual methods are the French Press, Filter Machine, and most popular Espresso. Also, we have many traditional methods for brewing coffee, and some modern ones, like using machines and pods, like with Nespresso Machine. When it comes to the most popular types of espresso, in the United States people usually prefer Americano and Latte. Also, for people who love the rich taste and dark roast, the best option is Ristretto.

When you choose espresso coffee as your favorite, you will need a proper coffee machine and a coffee grinder. Also, the most important part is choosing the right beans. The market is full of various producers and merchandisers who can provide you with various types of coffee. Check MyFriendsCoffee for a full review of some of the brands and types of coffee currently on the market. Moreover, here is our selection of beast beans available in the United States.

Mountain Beans from Jamaica

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The Blue Mountain Coffee that grew in Jamaica is recognizable for its mild flavor, minor bitterness, and average acidity. It is enriched with the flavor of herbs and seeds. This type of coffee has a high quality, but Jamaica is not a big producer of coffee, and this specific blend is made in the volcanic area of the country, where the coffee plant grows much slower than usual, which extends the process to almost a year. The sort of this coffee is Arabica, and it would be best to serve it as a black coffee without any additions.

Peaberry from Tanzania

Source: blog.suvie.com

Peaberry beans are unique because only less than 5 percent of all beans can be a Peaberry, which is a much denser and flavorful sort. In that matter, workers must separate these from standard beans, which is a complicated and long process. While there are Peaberry beans from other regions, ones from Tanzania has a unique taste and low acidity. The best type of brew is drip coffee, but it can be served as espresso as well.

Kicking Horse

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The Kicking Horse is espresso coffee from Canadian company CliffHanger. They are a known producer of organic beans, and this specific blend is rich with flavor and medium blend. The beans are combined from various regions like South America, Africa, and Indonesia. Also, you can choose additional aromas like black currant, cacao, or brown sugar.

Illy Espresso

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Illy is a famous brand, and we can try their coffee in many bars and cafeterias all around the world. This company has a long tradition of over 80 years of providing us with high-quality beans. They are using Arabica sort for their blend. The main feature of this company is that they are usually selling already ground coffee rather than whole beans, which is a great solution for people without the grinder at home.

Direct Italian Whole Coffee Bean

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This company is from New Jersey, but the Direct Italian in the name of their brand is related to the home ground of espresso. They are selling dark roast coffee with a flavor of chocolate. It is important to know that they are roasting the beans just before packing them, which will assure the freshness and richer aroma. The beans have a near heavy body, while the acidity is on average level. Moreover, this coffee is made on an organic farm, without any additional ingredients and additives besides coffee.

Koffee Kult

Source: coffelio.com

For the passionate lovers of a good cup, this type of roast is perfect, and it represents one of the strongest roasts on the market. The company from Florida is using Arabica beans grown in Sumatra, Columbia, and Guatemala, and the main features are lack of bitterness and almost no acidity, while the flavor is very strong. The best types of brews for this roast are Americano, Lungo, and Ristretto.

SF Bay Coffee

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What makes this company different from many others is the fact that they are producing the beans on their organic farms in Latin America, Colombia, and Guatemala, and provide you with a full guarantee for the quality. Pete’s Espresso is a type of dark roast, with an additional selection of flavors like orange, vanilla, and chocolate. They are using Arabica sort of beans, and you can choose between ground and whole beans. SF Bay has a wide selection of roasted ground coffee, like French Roast, Breakfast Blend, Columbian, Fog Chaser, Gourmet, and Hazelnut Crème. Each one of these comes in various combinations of flavors.

Stumptown Hairbender Espresso

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Stumptown Hairbender Espresso is provided by the company from Portland, where this brand is one of the most popular, especially in cafeterias and urban places. They managed to have a high reputation because of their quality roast coffee from Central America and Africa. The sort they are using is Arabica, and it has a touch of lemon and cocoa in the roast.


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Lavazza is a famous Italian coffee brand that already existed for 125 years. They are producing various sorts of roasts, while the most popular one on the American market is Super Crema, which is especially good for Americano or Latte. The ground is made by combining the 80 percent of Arabica, and 20 percent Robusta, which is providing unique aroma and taste. The coffee is imported from Indonesia and Latin America. From additional flavors, you can choose fruits, almonds, and honey. Also, there is a modern trend of mixing honey with Americano, and Super Crema is fitting perfectly for that combination.

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