National Flag of Thailand and History

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National Flag of  Thailand

The national flag of the Kingdom of Thailand is known as Trairange that means “Tricolor”. It is designed a horizontal tricolor consisting of blue, white, and red colors. The red and white colors appear twice in the flag with red color at the top and bottom of the flag while the white color in the outer middle section after the red at the top and before the red from bottom side. the blue color appears at the center and has the same area and proportion as the other two colors although they occur twice in the flag. The color sequence is red, white, blue, white, red.

National Flag of Thailand

Thailand Flag History

  • The national flag of Thailand was designed in 1917 as a result of the approval and order from the Royal palace.
  • the rectangular flag has a proportion of 2:3.
  • It evolved from the plain red color by King Narai in 1656. It remained plain red until Rama IV made it a white elephant with a red background as the national flag.
  • It was 1917 when Rama IV saw the flag hanging upside down that changed its color combination and symmetry, he ordered to design the flag in a way that looks same from all dimensions.
  • The red was replaced by a blue color at the center of the flag. Before that, it was all red and white color in the flag.

Thailand Flag Meaning

The blue color in the national flag of Thailand shows the solidarity and condolence to the martyrs of Thailand Allies of World War 1. The color combination of the flag show nation-religion-king in sequence starting from red as nation, white as religion, and blue color as a symbol of King. Also, the red color represents land and people of Thailand, white for religion and sometimes the white elephants of Thailand, and blue for the monarchic rule in Thailand.

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Thailand Flag Picture

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Thailand Flag Picture

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