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20 Interesting facts about Costa Rica

Today we will help you out to know about some awesome and interesting facts about Costa Rica, you will be amazed after reading these facts about Costa Rica.

20 Interesting facts about Costa Rica

  • Costa Ricans call themselves ticos for men and ticas for women!
  • Here, it is not uncommon to see someone walking around with a machete! It was also very funny when driving with Corinne, a friend crossed on the way greeted us with great machete movements!
  • “Pura Vida” is the motto of the country. Locals use it to greet or say goodbye, a way of saying that everything is fine!
  • Costa Rica is a little smaller than Lake Michigan!
  • People often end their sentences with “Si Dios quiere” which means “God willing”. Always, “See you tomorrow! God willing, “I meet you at 3 am, God willing,” I come to get you to supper God willing, ” whether one believes or not, I think it’s a beautiful way of taking life and that makes the ticos never shock since nothing is in their hands! So, the bridge has fallen, we can not go it does not matter, we will fix it. The storm made a scree it does not matter. There is traffic it does not matter Here nothing is serious; this is the Pura Vida!
  • The current President, Luis Guillermo Solís has been elected with more than 77% of the votes! Before him, the first woman president of the country, Laura Chinchilla- 6th woman elected president in Latin America!
  • Costa Rica has 121 volcanoes of which seven are still active. The Poás Volcano has the second largest crater in the world and the Arenal Volcano is one of the most active in the world. Unusual: Before the Poas volcano became a national park, the Ticos went there to fill bottles with the acidic water of the volcano. The water was then sold in pharmacies to relieve muscular pain or to treat a cavity (we filled the hole and the tooth fell!) Or to burn a wart.
  • That, I talked about it often! The country owns more than 5% of all the world’s biodiversity. Despite the fact that the country’s land area is just 0.03% of the Earth’s surface, 10% of the world’s butterflies live there, as well as 750,000 species of insects and 20,000 varieties of spiders!
    There is no army in Costa Rica, it was abolished in 1948.
  • Women who marry do not take the surname of their husbands. The children take the surname of the father and the first surname of the mother. Ex. If Stellie Legros Desgagnés (father’s first name) marries Ali Harvey Levesque, their children will be little Legros-Harvey.
  • Instead of saying that a woman has had a baby, they say “ella dio a luz” which means “she gave the light”: it is beautiful no?
  • All radio stations in the country play the country’s national anthem at 7 am every morning!
    Costa Rica is considered one of the best environmental destinations in the world with more than 100 protected areas to visit and more than 25% of the country’s forests and protected reserves.
  • Costa Rica offers funny ice cream flavors, for example three-color ice cream is not Neapolitan as we know it, but rather vanilla, strawberry and lime! Also: rum and grapes (!), Kola (grenadine syrup), condensed milk and figs.
  • It can be said that Costa Rica is the capital of hummingbirds with more than 52 different species!
    Costa Rica has one of the best life expectancy in the world (34 \ 193, just ahead of the United States) with a life expectancy of 79 years. (Canada ranks 12th and France 14th).
  • There is no address or street name! I know, it seems impossible, but that’s the case! Usually, they work according to the meter number of a known place: ex. the ABC pharmacy is 50 meters west of the park; the grocery store is 100 meters north, 25 meters west of the gas station. Of course, you have to know where the gas station is !!!
  • Our official address is: 400 meters south of the intersection PataGallo, Llano Brenes, San Rafael de San Ramon, Costa Rica!
  • Costa Rica has a literacy rate of 96% I am a little surprised … I will recheck that one!
  • Ticos are crazy football (soccer). Everyone plays as soon as possible: at recess, on the beach, in the yard, at the park, … As I said at the last World Cup, time stops when there is a match of the SELE (national team): the government offices close, the schools too or otherwise they present the match, all the shops and grocery stores have the TV on it’s crazy!
  • Ticos have a sweet tooth (to say the least!). Do you know juices like “tang” or “cool aid”? They often serve this at parties and  they add sugar! Must do it; add sugar to the sugar !!!DSCF8772-001
    The Ticos are too nice! So, if you ask them something, even if they do not know the answer, most often they will give you one! It looks like it’s not to displease. I think I’ve never heard a tico say “Yo no se”: “I do not know”! So, if you ask your way; do not hesitate to ask more than one person because otherwis you risk losing yourself!


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